100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 164: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (36)

That day, Ji Chen’s expression was the same as usual, indifferent and calm. He nonchalantly stood there and only revealed a fake smile when the teacher shouted ‘say cheese’ in front of the camera.

That was right. He actually put on a fake smile. One could make out at a glance that he was not interested. His lips were arched up slightly, but his gaze was indifferent.

Still, the combo of his heavenly good looks and rarely seen smile formed a perfect spectacle that swooned all the girls, making them stare at the class photo many times a day.

The original host also cherished the class photo. She kept it in her nightstand and would regularly take it out to stare at it.

Yu Chu raised an eyebrow as she took over the photo and placed it back into the drawer. Ji Chen blinked and sat up cross-legged. He leaned a bit forward with his delicate collarbone slightly revealed under his collar.

He raised an eyebrow and asked, “You’ve always kept the photo here? You…really had a crush on me all this time?”

Yu Chu nodded. “That’s right. I’ve already told you this when we met at the villa. I had a crush on you.”

Ji Chen narrowed his eyes, and a smile worked its way across his face and into his eyes. He put down the teddy bear in his arms and hovered over.

He wrapped his arms around Yu Chu’s shoulders and covered themselves with the quilt. He gently rubbed his cheek against Yu Chu’s, and like an obedient little pet, he blinked and whispered, “It got hard…”

Yu Chu blinked and remained quiet. Then, realization dawned on her, and she finally understood the meaning behind his words. She couldn’t be blamed for her slow reaction though. After all, the atmosphere was still cozy just a moment ago, and he spoke with such a soft and lazy tone…

Why is he suddenly making amorous advances again?!

Her entire body stiffened, and she wanted to turn over in Ji Chen’s arms. The latter flashed a casual smile and placed his hands on her shoulders. Though Yu Chu exerted more force, she couldn’t move an inch. 


She stared at Ji Chen. The latter smilingly propped his head up with one hand, exposing his fair wrist. His beautiful eyes glistened brilliantly as he stared at her. He then slightly lowered his head, and a few strands of hair swept across Yu Chu’s face as he whispered, “Chuchu, are you willing to see me suffer…?”

His clear voice was somewhat hoarse. Ji Chen then leaned down, his eyelashes fluttering slightly as he sealed her lips with a kiss.

He gently nibbled on Yu Chu’s lips, and his tongue found its way between her lips and penetrated deeper. Their breaths intertwined as their kiss deepened. His slender fingers then moved up along her waistline, lifting up a corner of her shirt.

His fingers were long and slender, with beautiful phalanges. As he held Yu Chu’s waist with one hand and slowly worked his way up with the other, he still gave off a sense of leisurely elegance. Yu Chu felt a burst of numbness spread from the places he touched and couldn’t help but want to resist. She extended her hand to push him away, but it was caught by Ji Chen’s.

He moved back a bit and pressed his forehead against Yu Chu’s. Then, with a slightly hoarse and languid voice, he coquettishly asked, “I’ll just help you massage a little, alright?”

As if I would believe you! 

Yu Chu reached out to push him. As she was afraid that her parents in the living room would hear her, she lowered her voice and said, “Stop fooling around…”

Ji Chen remained silent.

He just stared at her unblinkingly. His eyes glistened like gems, and his eyelashes gently fluttered, like a feather tickling one’s heart.


In the original host’s memory, Ji Chen was quiet like this most of the time. Whenever a girl approached and spoke to him, he would wordlessly stare at them with that pair of gorgeous eyes, his intentions unclear. His indifferent response somehow always managed to make those girls quieten down and blush tomato red.

He could really make one melt under his stare.

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