100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 165: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (37)

Ji Chen’s aloofness always carried a trace of childish adorableness. Whenever he intently stared at those girls, their hearts would skip a beat, and they would uncontrollably blush.

His indifferent expression was already bewitching enough, not to mention when he stared at her with a tender gaze and an innocent face.

Yu Chu pondered for a moment. Then, she resigned herself to her fate and closed her eyes before opening them again, probing, “Twenty minutes…?”

Ji Chen blinked. One of his hands moved downward and seized Yu Chu’s calf. His lips arched into a smile as he slowly responded, “Well… What do you think?”

His fingers slowly groped about his waist and hooked up the edge of his pants, revealing the legendary sexy abs underneath his lifted shirt. What they said at the sports meet was not an exaggeration at all. His ab lines were truly a stunning sight.

Yu Chu initially thought that she wouldn’t feel shy, but she suddenly felt a burst of heat surge up on her cheeks. She raised her hand to cover her face and refused to directly stare at it. 

Ji Chen gently pulled her legs apart. His gaze deepened, and his fair cheeks flushed a scarlet red. He bit his lower lip and pursed his lips, revealing cute dimples.

He leaned down, and his breathing was slightly hurried as he firmly bit his lower lip. His light-colored complexion turned a crimson color, adding a healthy blush to it.

His eyes were a little misty as he panted, his voice slightly hoarse. His current appearance was very alluring.

Yu Chu raised her head and moved her gaze away, not daring to look at Ji Chen’s overly stunning face.

His movements brought about a thrilling sensation and made her shudder. She bit the back of her hand to stop herself from making any unusual sound.

Ji Chen then pulled her wrist down and gently brushed his lips against hers.

His delicate eyebrows were knitted together, and he appeared somewhat impatient as he stared at her with that pair of misty eyes.

The twenty-minute limit was like a joke, and Yu Chu realized that she had been too naive. Since her entire body was weak now, she no longer had the strength to resist.

Ji Chen obediently didn’t do the last step and restrained himself. During the process, he bit his lips so hard until minor tooth marks were visible. Finally, he hugged Yu Chu in silence. Then, he suddenly frowned, and with a somewhat distressed tone, he murmured, “When will you come of age…?”

The weakened Yu Chu wanted to laugh. She pushed Ji Chen and said, “Move, I want to sleep.”

Ji Chen blinked.

Since he’d had his fill earlier, he didn’t mind being pushed away. He obediently extended his arm and said, “Mhmm… You can use this as your pillow.”

Yu Chu’s head was pillowed on his arm, and Ji Chen’s natural scent lingered in her nose. She stared at his half-revealed collarbone for a few seconds and closed her eyes.

Ji Chen put his chin on the top of Yu Chu’s head and blinked. He looked on quietly with a calm and indifferent expression. It was as if he was the same aloof and carefree person from the class photo.

But, this was naturally only his outward appearance…

As he thought of earlier’s extreme pleasure, Ji Chen’s face flushed slightly scarlet. Yu Chu’s breath caressed his collarbone, so he couldn’t help but bit his lower lip. His slender fingers were hugging Yu Chu’s waist, but he was well-behaved and didn’t move. He simply planted a kiss on the top of her head.

He cherished this moment.


The school year was coming to an end soon, and Yu Chu’s grades gradually improved. 

This was only because she had deliberately controlled her study progress to prevent people from noticing any abnormalities.

And, as days went by, she finally welcomed her eighteenth birthday.

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