100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 166: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (38)

Yu Chu simply couldn’t stand Ji Chen’s puppy eyes.

She slightly squinted and looked up at the glass building in front of her. This was one of Imperial City’s most renowned luxurious apartment blocks, so the apartments here were…very expensive.

She walked towards the apartment building while casting a sidelong glance at Ji Chen. The latter followed her obediently and sized up the building. Then, he turned and hugged Yu Chu, saying, “I’ll buy you a better one in the future.”

Yu Chu raised an eyebrow at him. When she saw the smile gracing his handsome features and him fluttering his long eyelashes at her, she couldn’t help but smile back.

Everyone was well aware of Big Boss Ji Chen’s financial resources. His father’s entrepreneurial friends often praised him for his exceptional financial acumen, saying he’d inherited his father’s good genes. Ji Chen never paid any heed to these statements, nor did he interact with his father.

This was one of his private properties. Even though he was a ghost, Big Boss Ji Chen was absolutely confident that he could provide Yu Chu with the best of the best and let her lead a good life.

When the thought of her living at his place crossed his mind, he uncontrollably bit his lower lip. His face flushed slightly, and his eyes lit up. He leaned over slightly and kissed Yu Chu’s nape.

Yu Chu turned around and glared at him.

Ji Chen’s lips curled upwards, and he chuckled complacently. He resembled a child who was gifted his favorite toy.

Yu Chu led him towards the apartment building. But, the moment they arrived at the entrance, they actually ran into someone they disliked.

When their eyes met, Zhang Meng stared at her in astonishment. Then, she turned around and swept over the luxurious apartment building, her upper lip curled in disdain.

Yu Chu glanced at her wordlessly.

Zhang Meng, on the other hand, flashed her a smile. She did as if none of the previous unpleasantries had happened and asked in a friendly manner, “Hey Hao Chu, what brought you here?”

Although her tone was gentle, it wasn’t difficult to detect hints of superiority. She was staring at Yu Chu with an eager, anticipating gaze, as if she was itching to show off something.


Zhang Meng didn’t live in this luxurious apartment building. Still, her home was located in the Imperial Capital’s prime location. Yu Chu knew because Zhang Meng often mentioned her home address to her fellow students in class…

She’s truly annoying in the extreme.

Yu Chu turned and paid her no heed.

Whatever this daddy is doing here is none of your business!

More than often not, being ignored was even more infuriating, so Zhang Meng’s face turned ugly. She flashed an unfathomable smile and said, “If I recall correctly, your parents are just ordinary teachers, right?” 

She paused, cast a glance at the guard walking out of the security room, and tactfully smiled, adding, “Why are you here, Hao Chu? Visitors are not allowed…”

The apartments here cost tens of millions. Zhang Meng had deliberately asked about her parents and said that visitors were not allowed just to make her look bad. The way she put it made it look like Yu Chu was an impolite person who had never seen the world. 

Zhang Meng really took a lot of trouble to demean her.

Yu Chu stared at her in surprise. “Looks like you’re paying a lot of attention to me, huh? But, I regret to inform you that I’m heterosexual.”

“…” Zhang Meng was fuming with rage between gritted teeth. She couldn’t help retorting, “What nonsense are you saying?!”

Yu Chu shrugged and retracted her gaze. She then rummaged through her bag, took out a card, and handed it to the security guard.

Zhang Meng’s eyes widened. Her anger hadn’t subsided, but she couldn’t care less now. She looked on helplessly as the security guard opened the door and amiably bobbed towards Yu Chu. “It’s Mr. Ji’s card. Miss, you can directly take the elevator to the top floor. Please take care on your way!”

Ji… Mr. Ji?

Zhang Meng held her breath as realization dawned on her. She subconsciously blurted out, “This is where Ji Chen used to live? You’re allowed in here?”

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