100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 167: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (39)

There was a hint of impatience in Zhang Meng’s tone that she probably hadn’t even noticed herself. Her unbridled jealousy was also apparent.

Yu Chu swept her a glance and halted her steps. She waved the card in her hand and smiled. “I’m poor, but my boyfriend is so rich that he continuously wants to give me money to spend. What do I do? I’m also despairing about this matter.”

Her words came as a crushing blow to Zhang Meng.

Yu Chu certainly wasn’t despairing about this, but since she was facing Zhang Meng, saying this was undoubtedly the best way to soothe her wrath.


Sure enough, Zhang Meng’s face instantly flushed with anger.

It would come as no surprise for Ji Chen to own an apartment here. Perhaps, he might even own several properties around here.

But…Ji Chen is no longer around. Hao Chu was actually permitted to enter his private apartment? Was this something he’d approved while he was still alive…?

As soon as Zhang Meng thought of this possibility, she gritted her teeth hard.

That person… He had always been distant and aloof, seemingly not caring about anything in this world. The occasional display of his childish nature swooned all the girls in one fell swoop. Still, he’d always been difficult to approach.

She remembered the time she’d confessed her feelings. At that time, she had mustered a lot of courage and evaded his gaze to say those words. However, she had only gotten an indifferent look in return accompanied by an indistinct: “Oh…”

His clear voice was soft and brought about a fluttery feeling. However, before she could even savor this feeling, he had already brushed past her and walked away. 

He only said that one word and nothing more.

The way he disregarded her…

Zhang Meng gritted her teeth.

If Ji Chen was like that towards everyone, and she was just not lucky enough to have become his exception, then there was no need to feel sorry for herself.

But… Ji Chen likes Hao Chu. The aloof Ji Chen actually cherished this girl, replied to her letter, accepted her gift, and acted cute in front of her. He only showed his different sides to her…

And, he unexpectedly invited Hao Chu to his home?

The two of them, alone together… Zhang Meng didn’t dare to imagine what kind of mood he would be in and how he would behave when he was alone with a girl. Even though she didn’t want to admit it, she was filled with envy to the point that she found it hard to breathe properly.

In any case, she knew that she couldn’t dwell on it today. Yu Chu had already walked in, and the security guard was standing at the side, casting her a strange look. The comments she made earlier were meant to give Yu Chu a slap in the face. But now, it was like a slap to her face.

Zhang Meng gritted her teeth angrily.

Ji Chen is no longer around, but he and Hao Chu weren’t in an actual relationship. Who does Hao Chu think she is? Who decided that she could take his belongings and come to his place?!

She took a deep breath and turned to leave.

Nearby, Ji Chen was staring at her departing figure with an indifferent look. He narrowed his eyes, a trace of displeasure flashing across them.

He pursed his lips but smiled again as he recalled Yu Chu’s words: “My boyfriend is so rich that he continuously wants to give me money to spend.” 

He hugged Yu Chu from behind and leaned his head on her shoulder. He stared at her reflection on the shiny elevator door and blinked.

The top floor had a great view, and one could overlook the entire city from there. There was a small cinema room in the apartment building, so Yu Chu picked a movie and watched it with Ji Chen. After an hour or so, she rushed Ji Chen to make dinner.

Ji Chen frowned. He held a cookbook with one hand and clumsily placed a pot on the stove with the other. He studied the recipe for a long time before cooking with a solemn expression on his face.

As it turned out, some things truly depended on one’s innate talent.

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