100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 168: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (40)

Yu Chu suspected that Feng Qing had this innate talent. Otherwise, how could God Su possibly make a table full of tasty and delicious-looking dishes at that time? Moreover, Big Boss Ji Chen was obviously cooking for the first time. Yet, the food he made was surprisingly delicious.

She did not mince her words and praised, “It’s delicious!”

Ji Chen looked up at her before lowering his head again. His complexion was slightly flushed as he shyly said, “In this case, eat more.”

Yu Chu blinked.

His eyes lit up when he cast a glance over, but it was covered under his long eyelashes. His current appearance somewhat resembled that of the shy-looking God Su.

Yu Chu couldn’t help but reach out and rubbed Ji Chen’s soft hair. Then, she smiled and lowering her head to continue eating.

After eating her fill, Yu Chu walked to the glass window and stared into the distance. As she lamented about the rotten lavish life of the wealthy, Ji Chen hugged her from behind and said in a soft, melodious voice, “I’m so hungry…”

He usually used this kind of melodious tone to act cute in front of Yu Chu. He’d act cute to the point that Yu Chu couldn’t resist.

This time, this little devil had seemingly made up his mind to seduce her with his beauty. He’d deliberately made his words trail off with a very soft tone. It felt as if a feather had gently brushed past her heart.

Yu Chu played innocent and replied, “There’s more rice…”

Ji Chen raised an eyebrow. He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her around to face him. Then, he grabbed her hands and placed them above her head, against the glass. 

He leaned over slightly and nibbled her lips. It gave Yu Chu a tingling sensation, and a familiar aroma lingered in her mouth.

I can’t believe that he straightforwardly bit me.

Yu Chu moved her hands, but Ji Chen’s long, slender fingers were wrapped entirely around her wrists, so she couldn’t break free. She opened her mouth to bite him back, but Ji Chen keenly noticed her move and slightly raised his head. Thus, Yu Chu bit into the air instead.

He smiled, seemingly very pleased. He turned his face sideways, gently brushed his lips against her neck, and stopped at her clavicle. When he slowly ground his canine teeth against her skin, he felt her shudder.

He let go of Yu Chu’s hands and propped one of his hands against the glass behind her.

Then, he locked Yu Chu in his arms, and his other hand traveled down to her waist and came in contact with the warm patch of skin that was revealed under the hem of her shirt. 

As his hand slid along her waistline, his fingers moved as if they were dancing on black and white piano keys, his movements neither fast nor slow.

Yu Chu’s breathing quickened, and she felt a bit helpless. In any case, she had come of age now, and she would only spend this lifetime with Ji Chen. It would be too unreasonable of her to refuse him this time. 

She wrapped the hands that were propped up on Ji Chen’s shoulder around his neck and stood on tiptoe, hugging him tightly.

Ji Chen subconsciously supported her as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. As Ji Chen pressed her against the glass window and blinked, the ray of lights somewhat blurred his handsome features.

“Can you give it to me?” he casually asked in a muffled tone. It was like a simple question, but his gaze was unblinkingly fixated on her.

Yu Chu was a little embarrassed, so she didn’t answer and directly tilted her head to kiss him.

Ji Chen hugged her and carried her back to the bedroom. He threw her on the bed and pounced on her, kissing and nibbling gently. His fingers clasped the side of the pillow as he kissed her bare collarbone. He occupied her, filled her, and slammed into her as he kissed her earlobe, listening to her soft moans and pleas.

He never imagined what kind of feeling this would bring. At this moment, all he knew was that it was very gratifying, and he wanted them both to enjoy this pleasure together.

He faintly gasped. His lashes fluttered, and the corner of his lips curled up into a smile.

Author’s Note:
There is a kind of car that is called “in a nutshell”.
A deadpan, dedicated expression (= ̄w ̄=).

Yona’s Corner:
Lol, Author-sama summarized the “papapa” in a nutshell XD~

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1 year ago

:O so is there like…. Repercussions for…. Snu snu with a ghost? Like.. You know.. ying yang energy or whatnot…
Many thanks

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