100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 169: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (41)

After another round of pleasure, Yu Chu couldn’t stand it anymore and begged for mercy. It was like this in every realm… *facepalm*

She had just come of age. Though her body had matured, it was still young and inexperienced. Ji Chen’s stature, however, was slender and robust. His ab lines outlined his sexy abdominal muscles, which were covered with a thin layer of sweat.

The passionate ramming all along brought about a scalp-numbing pleasure. Yu Chu was vigorously filled up again and again, making her cry out so much that she almost lost her voice.

She was tightly clasping the thin quilt underneath as she pleaded with him to stop. Ji Chen took pity on her and responded with a tender kiss. He silently endured as his kisses traveled down to her collarbone. His sexy voice was slightly hoarse as he said, “It will be fine in a moment…”

Then, her knees were held by his slender hands and lifted all the way to her chest without the slightest efforts, making her beg for mercy incessantly.

Ji Chen leaned over to kiss her earlobe. His body exuded a faint fragrance that was deeply engrossed in her consciousness.

It was also Ji Chen’s first time. As his body registered this pleasurable sensation, his honest reaction was reflected on his face. His initially pale complexion was flushed scarlet now, and his gaze wasn’t intimidating. Instead, his eyes were a bit hazy, and he appeared somewhat aggrieved as he bit his lower lip.

It was a night of pleasure.


The sun was already shining brightly when Yu Chu groggily opened her eyes.

Yesterday, she’d hastily made an excuse and told her parents that she wasn’t going back. As she recalled this, she felt a little helpless.

She was still in Ji Chen’s arms. His hand was possessively wrapped around her waist, and his chin gently rested on the top of her head. He was still asleep, breathing shallowly.

Yu Chu bit her lip.

She was carried into the bathroom after the deed was done yesterday. Ji Chen stroked and kissed her for a while before smilingly carrying her back to bed. Although she was freshened up and clean now, she still felt a little…embarrassed!

Yu Chu’s face flushed scarlet, and she slowly closed her legs. She frowned and quietly backed away a bit. She then looked up to stare at Ji Chen.

His appearance was no different from when she’d first met him and took him home. His features were striking, and his sleeping face was as beautiful as an angel’s. He was sleeping soundly and breathing evenly. His fair cheeks were soft and tender, and his long eyelashes were quietly resting on his eyelids, casting a faint shadow on his face.

He looks so innocent and cute. No matter how I look at it, he should be the one at the bottom, not me! Yu Chu dejectedly thought. 

Now that she thought about it, Anmore appeared well-behaved and cute, but he was actually a naughty rascal. Ludwig appeared aloof and ascetic on the outside, but he was also naughty on the inside. As for Ji Chen… if she said more, she would undoubtedly cry.

Only God Su was innocent enough to let her bully him and push him down a few times at the beginning…

However, their roles were reversed later on.

Yu Chu wanted to grab her hair.

Can’t you act a bit weaker and let me push you down for once?!

She sighed. She wanted to get up quietly, but the moment she moved, Ji Chen stirred awake and groggily opened his eyes. He blinked and lowered his eyes to meet hers.

Yu Chu: “…”

In the morning, don’t guys usually…? She was a little flustered as she stared at Ji Chen’s handsome face.

Ji Chen, however, just smirked at her with a lazy look. His smile was soft and tender. He leaned over and kissed the corner of her lips with a content expression.

For some reason, this scenario resembled that of an owner giving his cute little pet a good morning kiss. Yu Chu momentarily froze, but a fire instantly bubbled up in her heart when she recovered her senses. Since you look so cute and delicate at ordinary times, can’t you be a bit gentler in bed?!

She pushed Ji Chen and said, “Since you have had your fill, step aside.”


Yona’s Corner:
Hi all, my apologies for not posting any chap on Wednesday. It got busy at work and I have been working overtime this week, so didn’t have time to translate. Today things calmed down a bit, so I managed to translate this chapter. Hope you enjoyed it! 

P.S. I took two weeks off and will be out of the country to relax and enjoy a mini vacay with my friend. I will be back in the week of 13 September and continue translating then, so I will see you guys in two weeks!   

Update 27/10: Dear all, I am sorry for being MIA in the past couple of weeks. I have been struggling with work and am in the progress of looking for a new job atm. Once I settle this, I will continue with this project. 

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