100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 170: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (42)

Ji Chen’s eyelashes fluttered slightly. As he was pushed away unexpectedly, he stayed silent for a few seconds and blinked. Then, he carefully hugged her and softly asked, “Yesterday, you… Were you uncomfortable?”

He pursed his lips, seemingly at a loss. He then stared at her and pondered for a moment before saying in a low voice, “Then… Next time I won’t be like that again. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop immediately, alright? Don’t be angry.” 

Once he admitted his mistake, Yu Chu froze.

Looks like I’m courting disaster, aren’t I…? If another girl from her school were in her shoes and slept with Ji Chen, that girl would be excitedly shedding tears of happiness by now. Last time, someone in her dorm had even said that if she’d managed to land a boyfriend like Ji Chen, then she wouldn’t mind them doing ‘papapa’ all day. 

Yu Chu stared at Ji Chen’s face. At the moment, he was staring at her with a somewhat aggrieved and helpless look. His pitch-black and slender eyelashes were drooped slightly, making his appearance a pitiful sight. 

Ji Chen revealing this kind of expression was quite a rare sight.

At least in the original host’s memory, Ji Chen had always been cold and indifferent. Only after he’d lost the pendant did he reveal an aggrieved look as he searched for it every day. At that time, this expression of his totally KO’ed the girl’s hearts at school.

Yu Chu sighed. She then raised her hand to hold his long and slender neck, tilted her head, and gently planted a kiss on his sexy Adam’s apple. Ji Chen momentarily froze. She then negotiated, “Next time you will be at the bottom, alright?”


Ji Chen blinked a few times.

The girls at school described his eyelashes as butterflies, and they weren’t wrong. His eyelashes were long and dense, slightly upturned, revealing a pair of clear, pretty pupils underneath. Whenever he blinked, they would flutter along like a pair of lovely butterflies.

Yu Chu eagerly stared at him.

Ji Chen’s Adam’s apple moved imperceptibly as he gently lifted her chin. His beautiful eyes were like a pitch-black whirlpool, and his soft voice was slightly hoarse as he responded, “Okay…”

Yu Chu hadn’t even reacted yet when Ji Chen wrapped his long and slender hands around her waist. In a flash, her legs were now straddled over his waist. Ji Chen’s fair complexion was slightly scarlet as he bit on his lower lip with a profound gaze. “How about doing it…now?”


As a result…it was a merry morning for the two of them.


After one got to taste meat after having maintained a vegetarian diet, they were the scariest. Previously it was just kissing and hugging, now it was kissing and touching, and once no one was around, he was bound to make covert advances.

The college entrance examination date was approaching, but Yu Chu wasn’t worried. She was confident that she could handle the exam on her own. Besides, there was an invisible cheat like Ji Chen around her.

Generally speaking, the exams weren’t easy to pass.

When the other girls in the dorm saw Yu Chu’s grades improve day by day, they were quite envious and started to study hard too. Due to this, their homeroom teacher started to treat Yu Chu even better, thinking that not only did Yu Chu work hard but she also didn’t let Ji Chen’s incident affect her. Furthermore, she had also motivated her fellow dormmates to study hard for the college examination, making her a role model among her students. 

She often called Yu Chu over to have a chat with her, but the weird thing was that something unpleasant would always happen whenever she chatted with Yu Chu, such as a teacup dropping to the floor, the wind blowing away the exam papers, etc.

The homeroom teacher was always baffled by these strange occurrences.

Yu Chu was also very helpless about this. Every time they chatted, their homeroom teacher would tactfully mention that the deceased was no more and advised her to move on and forget about the past.

Homeroom Teacher, I can’t save you either, sigh…

Time flew by each day and it was finally time for the college examination.

Yu Chu didn’t aim for the top spot but her grades were good enough to be admitted to a first-class university, making Father Hao and Mother Hao so pleased that they were grinning from ear to ear all the time.

However, it was a different story at her aunt’s home. Mo Liang’s grades this time weren’t as good as anticipated and when she got told that Hao Chu did well in the exam, she was so angry that she’d locked herself in her room and lost all her appetite.

When Yu Chu heard this, she just shrugged her shoulders. After all, Mo Liang’s mentality was abnormal. Actually…it was normal to an extent.

Yona’s Corner:
Hi all, sorry for the long wait, but I’m back to translating 100WTGTMG. I started my new job last Friday and I am really enjoying the onboarding process so far! To compensate for the time I spent away, I will be posting 5 chapters a week instead of 3 chaps in the coming 3 months~ 

Have fun reading (^_^)~ 

P.S. The next 4 chaps of this week will be posted on Tue, Thu, Fri, and Sat. 

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