100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 171: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (43)

As for Mo Liang being angry about this, that’s her own business…


In an ancient-style courtyard, the wind blew and scattered leaves on the ground, creating a quiet and mysterious atmosphere.

Inside a room, an old man respectfully bowed and lit the incense placed in front of the memorial tablet before turning back.

The praying mat was unoccupied, but the old man hesitated for a moment before softly asking, “Are you sure about this?”

In the open air, Ji Chen tilted his head. His beautiful eyes were like a pair of jewels, and the dimples on his fair cheeks made him appear cute with a hint of childishness.

He casually grabbed a pen plus a piece of paper and started writing. 

The old man stood quiet and didn’t dare to disturb him. Only after Ji Chen finished and handed him the piece of paper did he respectfully bow while accepting it with both hands. Afterward, he opened the folded paper and read the text. 

[You said you had a solution.]

He pondered for a moment before cautiously raising his head. He stared into the void opposite him, and whispered, “My Lord, the solution I’ve mentioned…may not necessarily succeed.”

Ji Chen stayed motionless.

The old man hesitated before prudently saying, “My Lord, you should think twice about this. This defies the heavenly law. It would be good if it succeeds, but if it fails…you will dissipate into the void.”

He paused again and respectfully lowered his head before whispering, “Weren’t you doing just fine in your current state? I don’t think the young lady would mind…”

Ji Chen glanced at him and raised an eyebrow.  “She naturally wouldn’t mind.”


This tone of voice… Although it seemed indifferent, it carried a bit of child-like arrogance and complacency.

The old man helplessly shook his head and laughed.

That day, he’d even stopped the young lady and persuaded her to leave His Lordship. Now that he thought about it, it seemed that he was just overthinking things.

He could touch objects, stay under the sunlight, and manipulate an unknown force. His Lordship was not an ordinary ghost, and he wouldn’t possibly cause complications for the young lady.

Although he wasn’t sure of His Lordship’s identity, he was certain that he was someone extraordinary. He was, at least, an existence that transcended the world’s heavenly law.

It was surprising to see a person of his status being so affectionate towards someone. To think that he was willing to pay any price to stay by the young lady’s side and protect her.

He subconsciously wanted to stroke his beard. But, the moment his fingers moved slightly, he suddenly remembered the heaven-defying presence in front of him. Thus, he froze and remained still in a respectful manner.

Ji Chen shot him a glance before averting his gaze and narrowing his eyes. As he stared into the silent courtyard, he whispered, “Even so, there is no harm in trying…”

He paused momentarily, a hint of displeasure flashing across his delicate face. He turned back, picked up the pen and paper, and started writing again in silence.

The old man looked on as the pen tip leaped across the sheet of paper. After a moment, the paper was handed to him again.

[In this state, I won’t grow old, but she will.]

The old man was astounded.

Ji Chen retrieved the piece of paper and started writing again. A slight rustling sound could be heard as the pen moved along, breaking the surrounding silence.

Then, the paper was, once again, handed to the old man.

[I want us to grow old together.]

It was written word for word with a childish tone but in an earnest manner.

The moment he became a ghost, it was equivalent to him having eternal life. On the contrary, he wants to grow old and face death all over again. He was willing to face death once more just to keep that person company?

The old man stood silent for a long time. In the end, he bobbed respectfully and said, “Since Your Lordship has decided, I will do my best.”

At last, Ji Chen put down the paper and pen. As if a gust of wind lightly swept by, the small courtyard was suddenly enveloped in silence.


Ji Chen opened the window and quietly jumped into the room. When his eyes swept over Yu Chu’s sleeping figure on the bed, his gaze subconsciously softened and his lips curled into a smile. 

Yona’s Corner:
Hope you enjoyed this chapter, till Thursday! (^^)~ 

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