100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 172: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (44)

He’d always found it strange. They were classmates for three years, yet he’d never noticed her. How could that be? 

It didn’t make sense.

The moment he saw her at the villa, his heart subconsciously skipped a beat and an indescribable sense of joy filled his heart, making him want to get closer and closer albeit she couldn’t see or hear him.

If it was love at first sight, then why didn’t he fall for her when they first met at school? He had seriously pondered about this for some time, but could never find the right answer.

Ji Chen halted his steps at the edge of the bed. He gently moved the loose hair on Yu Chu’s forehead to the back and leaned down to plant a light kiss.

Nevermind. After all, we are together now.

Yu Chu rubbed her eyes and opened them to find a smiling Ji Chen next to her. She frowned and asked, “Where have you been?”

Ji Chen raised an eyebrow and smiled at her. He then lifted a corner of the quilt and hugged her. He rubbed his fair cheek against the nook of Yu Chu’s neck and blinked. “I went to find that charlatan old man.”

“Charlatan old man?” Yu Chu momentarily froze. When realization dawned on her, she asked, “You mean the old man who stopped me at the subway station that day? What did you go to find him for?”

Ji Chen moved back a little and seriously explained, “He has a way to make me human again.”

His excessively beautiful eyes were fixated on her, and for the first time, his gaze was calm and serious, without any hints of mischief or amusement. Suddenly, Yu Chu didn’t know what to say.

After a moment, she finally moved over. She wrapped her arms around Ji Chen’s neck and planted a kiss on his chin.

Ji Chen was taken aback as he touched his chin. “This… What is the meaning of this?”

Yu Chu couldn’t help but laugh upon seeing him blink with a bewildered look on his face. “There’s no other meaning. I’ll support whatever you decide.”

Ji Chen was stunned. His gaze softened as he hugged her tightly and affectionately, like a little girl hugging a cherished rag doll. He dotingly rubbed his face against hers and kissed her.

Yu Chu helplessly stared at the ceiling.

Although the original host’s room wasn’t big, it was very cozy.

Ji Chen’s body temperature was lukewarm as he quietly hugged her in an obedient manner. After a moment of silence, Yu Chu suddenly stated, “But you mustn’t lie to me. Even if there’s a way, you shouldn’t hurt yourself, alright? Otherwise, just let it be and don’t try it.”

“Mhmm.” Ji Chen smiled, his eyes turning into crescents.

Then, he skillfully lifted a piece of clothing. Yu Chu rolled her eyes and stopped him. “We can’t. Mum and Dad are right next door, so don’t mess around.”

Ji Chen stayed silent before obediently reaching out to hug her with a reluctant expression.


Looks like there’s no way to change this little brat’s character.


It was unknown what methods the old man had used, but Ji Chen’s transparent body had started solidifying and became less translucent by the day.

A few months later.

Yu Chu had already started attending university while Ji Chen’s slender body had already recovered to a semi-transparent state.

But, in this state, Ji Chen could no longer follow Yu Chu around whenever he wanted and he was quite unhappy about this. Yu Chu had deliberately moved out from her parents’ place to rent a studio and would return every day to have dinner with him and stay the night, but he still felt depressed about this.

He wanted them to stay together all the time.

It would be best if they could be together all day and night, not an inch away from each other.

However, since his body was solidifying every day and almost fully recovered, he also had many things to do. For example, he had to restore his identity. After all, he was someone who was pronounced ‘dead’. But, although it was a bit of a hassle, as long as he had the right reason, then it wasn’t a difficult task for him to utilize his means to recover his identity and return to the world as Ji Chen. 

And, at this time, Yu Chu suddenly received an invitation for a get-together from her former high school classmate.

She looked at the text message and raised an eyebrow.

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9 months ago

Thanks for the chapter ♥️

9 months ago

I’d like to ask about the current updates schedule, dear translator and how many chapters will this arc and the next one be?<3333 tysm for the amazing translation

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