100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 173: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (45)

People always paid close attention to news related to Ji Chen. His body had stabilized a lot lately, so he could be in his physical state for six to seven hours a day. He also took care of the procedures to restore his identity and come back to this world as ‘Ji Chen’.

His high school classmates naturally heard about his comeback.

The story told to the public was that he’d only suffered serious injuries, and went to do his treatment abroad. His death was only a rumor.

Although this story was full of flaws, the tombstone in the cemetery was fake, and his body wasn’t buried there. Thus, Yu Chu wasn’t worried about this.

Resurrection was in defiance of the natural order, but Feng Qing was the Lord God of the planes. And, the Lord God was inherently superior to the heavenly law.

To maintain the order of this realm, the heavenly law would automatically erase traces of things or people that defied the natural order. For example, to erase traces of Ji Chen’s resurrection, the heavenly law inevitably blurred the memory of those involved in the funeral. This way, people would be able to accept Ji Chen’s resurrection naturally.

There was no other choice. After all, this unruly guy was the Lord God.

But, people were shocked nonetheless and it was quite evident. Yu Chu had almost no friends in high school yet she was invited to this sudden class reunion. From what she knew, some acquaintances in the class had gathered a few times, but they had never invited her.

This time, she had only gotten invited because of Ji Chen.

She could imagine how big of a shock the news was for Ji Chen’s high school classmates.

Yu Chu thought about it. In the end, she’d accepted the invitation.

Ji Chen’s existence couldn’t be blurred at all. In any case, those classmates would find out sooner or later, so why not let them see him with their own eyes? Afterward, this matter would be over.

However, at the present time, Ji Chen’s body could only turn into a physical state after eight o’clock in the evening. Thus, he could only watch on grudgingly as Yu Chu prepared to go out. He pursed his lips with an aggrieved look, appearing somewhat pitiful.

Yu Chu was aware of how busy he was these past few days. The two of them could only get together at night, kiss, cuddle, and chit-chat. They couldn’t go together this time, so the little devil would inevitably feel displeased.

After putting on her coat at the entrance hall, she amusedly beckoned to Ji Chen sprawled on the sofa, “Come here.”

Ji Chen blinked before obediently lowering his head and getting off the sofa. He then walked over while pursing his lips sullenly.

His obedient look melted Yu Chu’s heart. She let out an ‘mhmm’ and smilingly tiptoed to wrap her arms around his slender neck and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Come find me later. Don’t be so unhappy, we will see each other soon.”

Since he’d received an unexpected kiss, his eyes lit up but his lips were still pursed. He indifferently looked down at her. Upon meeting her eyes, his expression finally softened a bit as he replied, “Mhmm.”

Only then did Yu Chu go out.

After closing the door, she telepathically called out to the system, which she hadn’t seen for a long time, and voiced, “Have you ever seen such a smooth sailing relationship? Every realm is like this. I always feel like something is not right… The Lord God couldn’t possibly have a crush on me, right?”

The system, who was awakened, replied, “How would I know? But, Host, if you really want me to intervene, I can help you and let you experience a sadomasochistic love story…”

Yu Chu was rendered speechless. She simply said, “Thank you and goodbye.”



The moment Yu Chu arrived at the main hall, she was greeted with a dazzling sight of gorgeously dressed people. 

This class reunion was jointly organized by several wealthy classmates. To show off their wealth, they naturally couldn’t skimp on their venue.

The villa’s floor-to-ceiling windows were huge, and the main hall was brightly lit. The long tables were filled with dishes that looked as exquisite as works of art, and the backyard was lined with luxury cars.

A band was playing on the side, and men in suits were gathered in groups of twos and threes with wine glasses in their hands. They all had modest smiles on their faces while blowing their own trumpets.

Not to mention the circle of ladies…

Yona’s Corner:

Hi all, sorry for the late chapter release! I was out for dinner with friends and just finished editing the chapter~ Hope you have enjoyed it! The next chap will be released later today in the afternoon~

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