100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 174: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (46)

Topics that girls could never leave out were cosmetics and clothing. At this kind of party, everyone took out their most treasured goods. Yet, when they were chit-chatting, they would pretend as if they didn’t care, and as if the expensive things they were wearing were simply things that could be seen everywhere and not worth mentioning.

When Yu Chu arrived, everyone’s eyes lit up and swept their gazes over in unison.

Yu Chu wore a simple black dress, which made her originally fair skin even fairer, and her long, slightly curly hair was hanging over her shoulder. Her light make-up, coupled with her indifferent gaze made the inconspicuous little girl from the past suddenly exude a mature charm.

The men were stunned.

The girls also couldn’t help but stare in a daze. When they recovered their senses, they looked over in a subtle manner.

‘Appearance’ was always a topic that people cared about. The Hao Chu they pictured in their mind had changed way too much, inevitably filling their hearts with slight envy. And, when they remembered the news of Ji Chen’s comeback, it hit them even harder.

Ji Chen.

It was a name often heard during the passage of their youth. A name that made them blush and melted their hearts. This name, once again, subconsciously popped up in their minds without warning.

How many girls still remember experiencing those heart-skipping moments? Back then, whenever they brushed past Ji Chen in the corridor, they would be happy for a long time. They would skip class to secretly watch him play basketball, and each time they sneaked a glance at him, they would uncontrollably halt their steps… When a person like this passed away, they practically cried until their eyes were swollen.

After so many years, many of them had already matured. Thus, it seemed that they could let go of those past sentiments…

It only ‘seemed’ like that.

The crowd’s expression was subtle. When they saw Yu Chu walking in alone, they felt disappointed for some reason, but at the same time, felt that this was normal.

No one had ever seen Ji Chen in a relationship. The news of him liking Hao Chu was also just a rumor. Even though there was that handwritten note, it ultimately couldn’t prove the whole truth. 

Thus, they couldn’t imagine what an aloof and indifferent person like Ji Chen would be like when he was in a relationship. Maybe, it was precisely because they couldn’t imagine that outcome that this scene appeared normal to them. If he’d truly made an appearance, then the girls probably wouldn’t have known how to react. 

For a moment, the entire first floor was enveloped in silence due to Yu Chu’s arrival. One of the girls recovered her senses and walked over, accompanied by faint music in the background.

When the rest of the crowd saw her walk over, many of them were surprised.

They knew for a fact that Zhang Meng and Hao Chu were on bad terms in high school, and the main cause was Ji Chen.

The news they had heard was only hearsay. If it was true, and Ji Chen came with Hao Chu, then it would still be fine. However, Hao Chu had come alone, so the crowd was unable to remain calm, let alone Zhang Meng.

Zhang Meng walked over in her high heels, making click-clacking sounds on the wooden floor. Her long hair was coiled up, and her gorgeous features from her high school days had now developed with a touch of mature allures.

She stretched out her hand towards Yu Chu in greeting. Her nails were medium in length, with delicate nail stickers on them. They were shiny and bright, setting off her every move. She was truly an urban beauty.

“Long time no see,” Zhang Meng greeted.

Yu Chu looked at her, secretly thinking: A few years have already passed so Zhang Meng is no longer the same Zhang Meng of the past. She has learned to hide her feelings and feign civility… 

She nodded her head and reached out her hand to Zhang Meng as well.

Yu Chu’s hands were clean, with pink and white fingernails. Her fingers were slim and attractive, her complexion fair.

The others were shocked at the fact that though Yu Chu was standing in front of their former school beauty, Zhang Meng, she didn’t look inferior. Her features and temperament didn’t lose out at all, on the contrary, they even shadowed Zhang Meng to an extent…

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9 months ago

It felt to short 😩
Thanks for the chapter <3

9 months ago

I guess the party it too early for JCs body… will he join her later to shock and awe everybody 😁?

Thanks for the chapter

Thanks for the chapter

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