100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 175: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (47)

In high school, Hao Chu was very low-key. After Ji Chen’s ‘death’, there was always a cold aura surrounding her. Thus, when the students faced her, they subconsciously didn’t dare to directly stare at her. Thus, as time passed, they could no longer remember much about her. Her features and her temperament were already a blur in their mind.

Now that they saw her again in person, they were quite astounded.

One of the guys amongst the crowd tightened his grip around the glass of wine in his hand, unknowingly revealing a bitter smile.

No matter how many years went by, Xiao Hao still remembered that night clearly. The sound of the wind whistling past his ears, the fear he felt when his body was suspended mid-air, and Hao Chu’s silhouette against the light as she calmly stood in front of him.

From that time onwards, he knew that it didn’t matter how good and beautiful Hao Chu was, she didn’t belong to anyone.

Xiao Hao wanted to viciously curse the invisible man and how he’d wished that his soul would just disperse into nothingness. Humans and ghosts walked different paths. He felt that if it continued like this, that ghost would certainly implicate Hao Chu in the future.

But no, he was wrong.

Hao Chu was actually protected by her invisible lover…

She looked very happy.

It seemed as if she was one of the happiest people on earth. So, the word ‘ghost’ could no longer be used to describe that invisible person.

She was protected by an angel instead.

Xiao Hao tilted his head bitterly. He swirled the glass of wine in his hand before downing it in one gulp. What he tasted wasn’t a sweet aftertaste, it was slightly sour.

After Yu Chu courteously shook hands with Zhang Meng, she immediately let go and was about to go find a corner to grab something to eat.

When Zhang Meng saw her movement, she momentarily froze. The moment she recovered her senses, she instantly called out, “Hao Chu, wait!”

Yu Chu turned around and raised an eyebrow at her. “Is something the matter?”

Although it had been a few years, Yu Chu still remembered those incidents. Back then, Zhang Meng had a big crush on Ji Chen, and she’d even confessed her feelings to him in person. Moreover, there was also that ‘pendant’ incident, so it was very difficult for Yu Chu to act civil towards her.

Zhang Meng paused, seemingly a bit hesitant. In the end, she softly asked, “Is it true? I heard…that he’s back.”

Yu Chu: “…”

This one word ‘he’ contained a lot of weight. Though she didn’t mention his name, one could imagine that there was a lot of story behind it.

It seemed like a scenario found in a romance novel, where the two leads got separated, only to reunite a few years later. The male lead returned and found a substitute to anger the female lead. Then, the female lead and the substitute finally met in person…

Yu Chu stayed silent. However, Zhang Meng pursed her lips. She took a deep breath to pluck up her courage and repeated those words again. 

“If you have news about him, could you please tell me? Is it true that he’s back…?”

As expected, Yu Chu didn’t overthink things. Zhang Meng’s tone of voice was self-explanatory.

Yu Chu calmly beat around the bush and asked, “What news? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Zhang Meng froze.

When the rest of the crowd heard those words, they also froze.

This… Could it be that the news is fake?

Hao Chu didn’t know? How could that be? If the rumors about Ji Chen’s return were true, then Hao Chu ought to know something, right? 

As expected, it was just a rumor… 

It made sense though. It was a fact that Ji Chen had passed away, so how could there be a sudden turnaround in this situation….?

Everyone was silent.

Yu Chu glanced at the dazed Zhang Meng before turning to leave. Her movement brought Zhang Meng back to her senses as she subconsciously called out again, “Wait!”

“…” Yu Chu turned around. Can you please cut it out…?

Zhang Meng bit her lip and stared at her for a few seconds. She then coldly asked, “Since you don’t know anything about Ji Chen, then why are you still using his stuff?”

Yu Chu: ???

Zhang Meng lifted her head and continued, “Ji Chen has nothing to do with you. Since he’s not here, his things have nothing to do with you. So, why are you still staying at his place?”

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9 months ago

Many thanks
:v good lord. Lady enoughhhhh. He rejected you already. Get over ittttt. Technically to YC… he never left so where would he come back from? Lol

9 months ago

Huh girl you transformed wuick from an elegant lady into a fish wife 👹 and what does it have to do with you biyatch🤨

Thanks for the chapter

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