100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 176: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (48)

Zhang Meng still remembered that she’d seen Hao Chu at Ji Chen’s place around the time of their high school graduation ceremony. When she saw her at that time, an extremely uncomfortable feeling bubbled in her heart. But, she thought that perhaps Ji Chen had left the key to Hao Chu for safekeeping, and the latter was merely there to return it…

Even though the thought of ‘Ji Chen giving Hao Chu the key’ made her feel extremely irritated, there was nothing she could do about it. After all, everything related to Ji Chen was shattered by the appearance of that pink note.

When she heard the news of ‘Ji Chen’s comeback’, she specifically went to his place to wait for him, but she unexpectedly saw Hao Chu again.

At that time she thought that Ji Chen had returned and was with Hao Chu, so she felt extremely jealous and pained.

This was Ji Chen they were talking about! The mere thought of him willingly guarding Hao Chu and spending time with her day and night uncontrollably filled  Zhang Meng’s heart with immense jealousy.

But now, the news of ‘Ji Chen’s return’ turned out to be fake, so he naturally wasn’t living with anyone.

Why was Hao Chu living at his place?

Zhang Meng pursed her lips. Though her jealousy faded, her heart instantly rushed up with a wave of inexplicable anger.

Since Ji Chen’s death was authentic, then Hao Chu clearly didn’t have anything to do with him, so why was she living at his place? Only married couples could inherit property after one of them died, right? Ji Chen and Hao Chu hadn’t even dated before, so how could she be so shameless?!

As soon as she spoke, Zhang Meng saw the surrounding people reveal stunned expressions.

She sneered at Yu Chu and turned her head towards the crowd and coldly said, “I saw her living at Ji Chen’s place. It’s illegal, they aren’t related, so she has no right to use Ji Chen’s property at all!”

The people in the crowd stared at one another and started whispering, their gazes odd as they sneaked a glance at Yu Chu.

Yu Chu stood in place with an unperturbed expression.

In these past few realms, the people she’d encountered were too low-level. Someone like Zhang Meng…was simply not worth her breath. She only had to call Boss Ji over and didn’t even need to move a finger to gain a complete victory.

She forced a smile and took out her phone from her bag. She then dialed a number, placed it next to her ear, and said, “Hello? Mhmm, Dear, I’m waiting for you here. Okay, hurry up~.”

Upon hearing the word ‘Dear’, Ji Chen paused for a moment. Though he was happy, he thought of the situation and asked, “Why did you suddenly… Don’t tell me that they are bullying you?”


Ji Chen’s voice instantly went cold as he said, “Give me one minute.”

Yu Chu obediently acknowledged his words. Ji Chen’s exquisite and beautiful features unknowingly softened. He then pressed the silver earbuds in his ear to end the call. While holding the steering wheel with one hand, he raised his other hand to glance at his wristwatch.

His wristwatch flashed a blue light, reflecting a side of his stunningly beautiful face.

The waitress at the reception only saw a supercar arrive. Although it was low-profile, the discerning waitress still managed to estimate the price of the car at a glance.

This kind of supercar…

She hurried forward and waited for the car to stop. She was about to pull the door open when it opened from the inside.

The hand that held the door handle was long and slender. The light gold cufflinks against the fair skin revealed an indescribable sense of aristocracy and refinement.

Ji Chen stepped out of the car and casually took off his silver earbuds, threw them back into the car, and indifferently flung the door shut.

When he turned his head, the waitress subconsciously covered her mouth.

What came into view was a delicate and fair countenance with a beautiful pair of clear and cold-looking eyes. 

Ji Chen knitted his brows.

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