100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 177: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (49)

Under his pitch-black hair, Ji Chen’s beautifully shaped eyes were clearly seductive, yet enveloped by a layer of frost that was covered under his long eyelashes.

The waitress’s face instantly reddened. When her gaze met that pair of beautiful cold eyes, she subconsciously lowered her head, not daring to stare directly at the overly delicate countenance.

Ji Chen just indifferently swept a glance at her before averting his gaze and walking away.

Only then did the waitress’ thumping heart slowly calm down. When she recovered her senses, she realized that she’d actually forgotten her duty to receive a guest… Feeling somewhat disgruntled, she recalled that young man’s face, and her mind floated elsewhere again.

Those godly features, how could one be so good-looking…


In the main hall on the first floor, Yu Chu put her phone back into her bag, and Zhang Meng involuntarily frowned.

“You have a boyfriend?”

Yu Chu glanced at her.

Taking her silence as acknowledgment, Zhang Meng instantly became furious and raised her voice, “You live in Ji Chen’s place, yet you’re dating someone else?! How can you be so shameless?”

Yu Chu frowned and stretched before lazily responding, “Not only am I living in his place, I also swipe his card and spend his money. So what if I have a boyfriend? You don’t even know the situation, so do you even have the right to scold me?”

Zhang Meng sneered, “Situation? What else do I need to know? All I know is that you’d better move out immediately, or else you’re just illegally occupying other people’s property!”

The other girls stared at one another in a subtle manner. Then, one of them supportively said, “That’s right. Hao Chu, Ji Chen only liked you back then, but you have nothing to do with him now, so it’s not good for you to live at his place like that.”

“That’s right.”


Yu Chu looked down at her phone. It hadn’t even been a minute when someone suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

She looked up.

The two European-style doors were wide open, with waiters standing on both sides. A slender young man strode up the stairs and approached them with an aloof and cold expression.

The girls all subconsciously covered their mouths in surprise. They couldn’t believe their eyes as they stared at the approaching person.

That face, there’s no doubt about it.

That countenance had appeared in the girls’ dreams countless times. His fair complexion, beautiful long eyelashes, tall nose bridge, petal lips, and dimples when he smiled… They clearly remembered every single detail.

He always had that cold and indifferent look on his face, but would occasionally reveal a childish cuteness. Most of the time, however, even when he smiled, he would appear distant and out of reach.

For so many years, it had always been like that.

The distant lights from the villa reflected his slender figure, contrasting with the blue fluorescent light from his wristwatch as it flashed through the dim light of the night. This scene was so beautiful that it seemed surreal. It was like a dream from their teenage days when they saw Ji Chen approaching.

Ji Chen stepped into the hall with his lips hooked into a small smile, his hair ends glistening slightly as the light shone on him. It brought back memories. He was literally the same young Ji Chen they saw every morning, standing at the sidelines watching them do their morning exercises with a slight languid attitude, unperturbed but adorable.

The girls in the main hall were in a daze.

But Ji Chen revealed a smile.

Dimples appeared on his fair cheeks as his beautiful eyes turned into crescents. When he gave that look, he simply melted everyone’s heart.

Ji Chen smilingly stretched out a hand.

Yu Chu had no choice but to walk forward. While everyone was staring at her, she placed her hand upon his, locking their fingers together.

Ji Chen languidly raised his head and swept a glance at the dumbfounded Zhang Meng. Then, his lips hooked into a smile.

“It’s a fact that I let my girlfriend live at my place and give her my card to swipe. Do you have an issue with that, Miss?”

Silence directly enveloped the scene. The music stopped at some point, and the entire first floor was quiet.

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9 months ago

Many thanks

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Is it just me who thinks that these schoolgirls feel strangely possessive over Ji Chen? Who are they to get involved

thank you for the translation!

9 months ago

And tben one idiot becomes a herd of them 🙄 and JC takes them all out with one cool comeback

Thanks for the chapter

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