100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 178: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (50)

Zhang Meng’s face instantly paled.

That one word ‘Miss’ already made Ji Chen’s indifferent attitude crystal clear.

He doesn’t even remember me…

She wanted Hao Chu to move out of Ji Chen’s place because she was very jealous of her. Hao Chu said before that she hadn’t understood their situation… but that wasn’t even her main purpose! Her purpose was to show others that Hao Chu was in the wrong and make her suffer a loss. Otherwise, why would she incite her classmates?

She refused to accept this.

After the ‘pendant’ incident, she often pondered about one thing. How could someone like Ji Chen possibly like Hao Chu?

Zhang Meng couldn’t understand this logic as it didn’t make any sense to her.

In fact, if someone like Hao Chu could make Ji Chen fall for her, then she was definitely much more likeable than Hao Chu. After all, her conditions and features were much better than Hao Chu’s.

But her illusion was shattered by his one word, ‘Miss’.

Her lips quivered and she didn’t dare to look at Ji Chen. Her gaze remained fixated on Yu Chu all this while, and her line of sight slowly traveled to the good-looking hand resting on Yu Chu’s shoulder.

Yu Chu finally broke the silence as she tugged at the corner of Ji Chen’s coat and said, “Let’s go back.”

After ‘vanishing’ for a period of time, Ji Chen’s identity had to be gradually exposed in society, and this class reunion counted as the first step. It was only necessary to show his face and let these classmates know that he was back. There was no need to stay here to go over the old days.

Besides, with Ji Chen here, Yu Chu highly doubted that this gathering would go on like nothing had happened… Yu Chu glanced over the surrounding girls with dumbfounded expressions as they silently pursed their lips.

“Mhmm.” Ji Chen obediently nodded. He languidly swept a glance at the group of people in the main hall before lowering his gaze to reveal a gentle smile, leading her out.

Instead of staying here, they’d better go home…

The smile tugged at the corner of his lips deepened and his eyes turned into crescents. His mood was very good at the moment.

The people behind them watched them leave with complicated expressions. The girls bit their lips in silence as stillness enveloped the hall.


Not long after, Yu Chu took Ji Chen home to meet her parents. The big boss changed his rogue nature and put on a courteous and kind attitude. Father Hao and Mother Hao were very satisfied with him and were smiling from ear to ear. Yu Chu could only look at them from the sidelines with a complicated look.

Mother Hao even covertly dragged Yu Chu to the kitchen and praised her, telling her that she had good taste. Over the past two years, relatives always asked Mother Hao whether Yu Chu had a boyfriend, so she had asked Yu Chu many times, but all she got in response was a ‘no’.

Unexpectedly, Yu Chu was now together with someone…

And, the moment she did, it was dating someone of this level…

It was truly great and presentable!

The corner of Yu Chu’s lips twitched in the face of Mother Hao’s excitement and contentment. Everything else was left unsaid.


A few years later.

Occasionally, they would hear some news about their high school classmates. Xiao Hao had already gotten married, but Zhang Meng was still single. It was said that her standards were too high and no one could enter her heart. Thus, she gradually became a ‘leftover woman'[1]A leftover woman is a term used to refer to a successful career woman who remained single and passed the standard marriageable age..

A lifetime was like a flickering light, very fleeting. For one to be with someone they like until they grow old was really a good fortune that was hard to come by.

When Yu Chu returned to the Lord God Space, she tilted her head and stared at the four translucent fragments in front of her. As she recalled the ending of the realm, her lips curled into a faint smile.

The system said, “Don’t worry, Host! The Lord God’s soul is in the process of restoration, so after collecting all the fragments, he will come back here sooner or later.”

“Mhmm,” Yu Chu nodded.

Although she was a little panicky about it and didn’t know what to do when he came back, it didn’t matter… It was fine, if the worst came to the worst, she’d just smash the pot if it was already cracked. If he didn’t want to acknowledge her, then she would just leave, hmph!

“Do you want to take a short break or directly proceed to the next realm?” the system asked.

Yu Chu tilted her head and looked around before responding, “Let’s proceed to the next realm.”

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1 A leftover woman is a term used to refer to a successful career woman who remained single and passed the standard marriageable age.
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9 months ago

Thank you for the chapter. I’m really curious how the Lord God will act when he’s finally whole again.

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Awww the end of the clingy devoted ghost boyfriend but can’t wait for the next adventure ♥️

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