100WTGTMG Arc 4

Chapter 179: My School Hunk Boyfriend Is a Ghost (51) End

[Fourth Story]

[Pendant – Side Story]


The sun outside the window was shining bright, and the cozy atmosphere was just right for sleeping.

Ji Chen lethargically got up from his desk. As he was sleepy earlier, he lay down for a while and took a short nap.

Since he used his arm as his pillow, his fair cheek now had a small patch of scarlet after he woke up. This look and his beautiful eyebrows made him appear a bit cold and languid.

The girls who secretly peeked at him couldn’t help but blush. They quickly covered it up by lowering their heads.

Ji Chen lowered his hand to his desk drawer and as he felt about, he found a small pendant. He slightly paused before taking out the kitten-shaped pendant.

He placed it on the desk and lowered his pretty eyes. He watched on as the sunlight passed through the crystal kitten-shaped pendant, casting a small glittering and translucent reflection on the paper.

After staring at it for a while, he put it away and continued to lazily lie on the desk.

The teacher on the podium swept a glance at him. However, seeing that Ji Chen’s grades were excellent and taking into account his extraordinary background, the teacher helplessly pretended as if nothing had happened and continued giving her lecture.

The days went on like this until one particular morning.

That day, Ji Chen returned to his classroom after their morning drill and habitually reached for the pendant, but unexpectedly couldn’t find it.

He was slightly dumbfounded.

He pulled back his chair and half knelt to look into the drawer. As expected, the pendant wasn’t there.

After some time had passed, he expressionlessly stood up, pulled his chair out, and sat down again.

It’s just a pendant…

As this thought crossed his mind, he pursed his lips, rested his face on his arm, and blinked.

The girls, who had been observing him, were stunned when they saw him opening his eyes again with a dazed expression. The shadow of his eyelashes fell on his face, and he stared blankly for a while before pursing his lips in an aggrieved manner, appearing quite pitiful.


The girls’ hearts instantly melted. Some even woefully averted their gaze to avoid getting bewitched by that alluring sight. How in the world can someone be so good-looking? Is he really human?

It would still have been fine if they were given the cold treatment, but this was the first time they’d seen him reveal such a bewildered and helpless expression.

From then on, the changes in Ji Chen’s behavior were obvious.

Whenever he did something, he would be out of sorts. Before this, he would normally watch their morning drills with an expressionless look and inattentive attitude, but at the very least he would look up and languidly stare at the square. However, after that day, he no longer paid them any attention and always had his head down, seemingly in a daze.

He was pondering about a dream.

After the pendant went missing, he often dreamed of the same scene. At night, a little girl with a blurred face stood at the footbridge and timidly held the corner of his coat. Though her big eyes swept over the stalls of knick-knacks, she was obedient and didn’t say a word.

He didn’t know why, but he wanted to make her smile.

He tossed her a small kitten-shaped pendant from one of the stalls because he thought the kitten looked a little like her. Not surprisingly, the little girl’s eyes lit up as she held the pendant with joy and looked up at him with an eager expression.

With fingers pressed against his lips, he subconsciously flashed an indiscernible smile. “Let’s go.”

The young girl hurriedly followed behind him.

The people passing by the footbridge all cast stunning looks at them. The little girl was small and naturally cute, but the young man in front was extremely good-looking, beautiful beyond words, like an ethereal being.

He had never liked the spotlight, so he hardly ever went to crowded places, but that day was an exception.

As he glanced behind at the young girl holding the pendant, he halted his steps and lowered his gaze. “Give me your hand.”

The young girl was stunned and reached out.

Her small hand was placed in the palm of his hand.

The moment she gave him her hand, it was for a lifetime.

Yona’s Corner:

Hi all, hope you have enjoyed the last chapter of Arc 4!

Bye Ji Chen~ We will start a new journey on Monday xD

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Double update yay~ I’m disappointed to see Ji Chen go, he’s such a cutie! Thank you for the translation!

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