100WTGTMG Arc 5

Chapter 180: The Monarch’s No. 1 Beauty (1)

Curls of pale smoke were rising from an incense burner in a room enveloped in silence.

There was an ancient semi-enclosed bed there, carved with exquisite and complex patterns. 

It was covered with fine gauze, which vaguely outlined the lithe and graceful figure of a woman.


After understanding the situation, Yu Chu’s heart was mixed with hope and fear.

The good news was that this was a female-dominated society. Being a woman had many benefits in this world where women were superior to men.    

However, there was one thing to worry about; the original host’s reputation was extremely bad…

As she got up from the bed, her shadow was reflected on a folding screen in the inner room. Outside the veiled bed was a resplendently decorated room.

The attendant who was waiting outside immediately bowed and came in with lithe footsteps. His head was lowered as he nervously asked in a slightly husky voice, “Your Highness, you’re awake?”

Yu Chu looked up to size him up. She noticed that he was quite good-looking, with delicate features. His humble attitude made him appear very docile. On the one hand, he feared her but on the other hand, he proceeded with caution to please her.

This is how it feels to be revered as a woman, huh?

Yu Chu secretly sucked in a deep breath. As she thought about the original host’s usual temperament, she half-leaned on the bed and lazily waved her hand. “You can leave.”

The young man froze.

Typically speaking, when a noblewoman like her woke up, attendants had to stay there and wait upon them.

Moreover, most noblewomen usually kept several likable attendants at their side to wait upon them and let them take care of all kinds of matters.

It was especially true for someone of noble status like the Third Imperial Princess, who led a dissipated life… Generally speaking, when it came to these women of noble status, not only did these attendants wait upon them, but it was also quite normal for these noblewomen to take some liberties with them.

As the young man inexplicably got dismissed, he couldn’t help but raise his head and sweep a glance at the Third Imperial Princess on the bed.

She was half lying on the bed, her eyes slightly squinted. That half-sober gorgeous countenance gave off a languid feeling. He didn’t know why, but his heart suddenly skipped a beat at that beautiful sight.

The young man hurriedly lowered his head, his face flushed scarlet.

It wasn’t like it was his first time waiting upon the Third Imperial Princess, but he’d never felt that she was this attractive in the past…

The Third Imperial Princess had stunning features, and in the whole Capital there was no woman prettier than her, but it just so happened that she was dissolute and a good-for-nothing.

If someone was genuinely uncouth, then others wouldn’t find them attractive no matter how good-looking they were.

Therefore, the men living in the Capital were avoiding her at all costs, and no one wanted to provoke her.

The young man was naturally nervous and helpless, thinking that he would be molested by the Third Imperial Princess again, but he didn’t consider escaping. After all, he was only a servant unlike those noble princes and noblemen, who had a choice to choose their own wives and masters.

Normally, as servants, if they were favored by an Imperial Princess, they would do their best to curry favor with her. If by chance they were taken in as a second husband afterward, it was already considered their greatest blessing.

Since he was dismissed today, he had less opportunity to please the Imperial Princess. However, truthfully speaking, even though his status was that of a lowly attendant, he had also dreamed of having a beautiful and talented wife or master, and not a wretched good-for-nothing.

Therefore, inwardly, he ought to be rejoicing instead…

The young man softly acknowledged with a ‘yes’ before retreating.

But for some reason, he halted his steps after withdrawing to the outer room, and unexpectedly swept a glance at the folding screen again.

A delicate and graceful woman’s figure was reflected behind that screen. Her casual and languid movements actually made him feel a little…

His face reddened and his heart skipped a beat.

The young man suddenly thought: In fact, the Third Imperial Princess isn’t that bad. Although she’s very dissolute and a good-for-nothing, she’s really good-looking and has a noble identity…

In the future, it’s better for me to do my best to please her.

He silently made up his mind and blushed some more. He then lowered his head and stood there in a respectful manner.

Author’s Note:

This realm is a female-dominated society ⊙_⊙. But, there is not much plot, just oppressing the male supporting characters. Hehehe.

Yona’s Corner:

Hi all, hope you have enjoyed the first chapter of Arc 5!

P.S. The time for posting chapters these days is quite random since I’m quite busy and can only translate bits and pieces in between my free hours.

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