100WTGTMG Arc 5

Chapter 181: The Monarch’s No. 1 Beauty (2)

Yu Chu naturally wasn’t aware of the attendant’s thoughts. She was just flipping through the original host’s memories, and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Although the original host was wanton, it wasn’t that bad…

She’s still a virgin.

She combed through the original host’s memories.

The original host’s identity was very honorable in this female-dominated society. She was this dynasty’s Third Imperial Princess.

It’s just that her character was poor, and she was a bit useless and dissolute… Other than this, she was still fine, I guess…

The Second Imperial Princess died early, so the Empress had only two daughters left, the Eldest Imperial Princess and Third Imperial Princess. She was relatively strict with the Eldest Imperial Princess, but spoiled her youngest daughter to the skies.

The Empress was, thus, the Third Imperial Princess’ biggest supporter.

If it were not for the Empress favoring the original host, the latter would’ve already died many times over by the means of the Eldest Imperial Princess.

The original host’s wish was, in fact, related to her eldest sister.

With a wanton and unrestrained character, the original host loved all kinds of handsome men, and never bothered fighting for the throne. She merely wanted to be an idle princess after her eldest sister succeeded the throne.

The Eldest Imperial Princess, however, didn’t let her off.

This good eldest sister of hers knew that she loved beautiful men, so she specially sent a gorgeous young man over to seduce her. The Third Imperial Princess was captivated by the young lad’s temperament and beauty, and fell head over heels for him. In the end, she was coaxed into downing a cup of poisoned wine, only to learn the truth right before her death.

The good-looking young man was her eldest sister’s lover and didn’t like her. He was merely playing along with her and feigned civility.

And, the sister she’d deeply respected all those years actually wanted her dead.

She wasn’t resigned to this outcome.

Her wish was to take revenge on this couple. She wouldn’t let her eldest sister, who killed her for the sake of succession, get the throne in this lifetime. As for the young man, who toyed with her feelings, she would make sure he never got love in this life.

Yu Chu thought: How am I supposed to accomplish this?

It was easy for me to stop the succession to the throne, but love? How can I possibly guarantee that the young man would never get love? Didn’t the plot already mention that the two of them were in love with each other?!

Yu Chu transmigrated here at a bad time. At this point in time, the Third Imperial Princess had already fallen in love with the beautiful young man. The Eldest Imperial Princess’ plan to poison her was also already set in motion.

Those two must’ve fallen in love long ago!

What a headache. Yu Chu rubbed her head and thought: Then the only way left is to break the two of them apart.

I might as well separate them so that they could never see each other again. This could be considered as preventing the young man from getting love, right? 

She got dressed and swept a glance at the mirror. 

The original host was truly a great beauty with astounding features.

Though she didn’t want a man to help her get dressed, getting dressed in these ancient attires was actually a laborious and arduous task. Thus, many women in this world didn’t even bother doing it themselves. 

Therefore, even if Yu Chu wanted to find some personal maids to wait upon her, she wouldn’t find one. 

She had no choice but to recall the attendant.

The young man was slender with delicate features. He respectfully attended to her and helped her comb her hair with practiced movements. After a short while, her hair was worn in a bun befitting a noblewoman. He seemingly hesitated for a moment before bashfully saying, “Your Highness, you’re so beautiful…”

He cast her a shy look as he stared at her in the mirror.

She was indeed good-looking.

The aesthetics of this female-dominated society was still normal, it wasn’t that women had to be masculine while men had to be feminine.

The formation of this world’s system wasn’t determined by physical strength. It was similar to a matriarchal clan, where reproduction and economic duties were the most important things. Thus, women who could give birth naturally had a higher status than men. They were placed in charge of the state and held power in their hands.

As for the men, although they were fitter than women, the system dictated them to please women.

To please them physically and psychologically. They had to have slender and fit appearances that could satisfy the womenfolk, and had to possess the ability to flirt and speak words of love…

Only then were they considered good husband material.

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