100WTGTMG Arc 5

Chapter 182: The Monarch’s No. 1 Beauty (3)

Appearance and aesthetic-wise, some women also liked feminine and tender men but in general, the majority of the women preferred slender and stylish masculine men. After all, they could also wait upon them better and satisfy them more in terms of bedroom affairs.

As for the men’s standards towards a woman’s appearance, it was very simple. As long as a woman had stunning features and exquisite curves, it was fine. It would be even better if that person was chic, possessed literary talent, and so on… Countless men would be satisfied with this kind of woman as their wife.

As for the Third Imperial Princess…

She always had a look of infatuation when she saw beautiful men, spoiling her original beauty. This time, however, she was totally expressionless, which accentuated her gorgeous features. The outer corners of her eyes were slightly arched, and her looks were so captivating that one didn’t dare to look straight at her.

The young man was slightly stunned. He’d subconsciously blurted out those words of praise. If he said that in front of other noblewomen, this was considered acting out of line. However, he was now in front of the Third Imperial Princess, who loved to flirt with men, so his words ought to please her and provoke her interest.

Yu Chu glanced at him but didn’t reprimand him for acting out of line. The young man was overjoyed, thus he served her more diligently, carefully tightening Yu Chu’s long hair.

By the time he was done waiting upon her, the teasing that he was vaguely looking forward to sadly didn’t happen. He bit his lips and carefully probed, “Your Highness… Are you in a bad mood?”

As a man, and her close attendant, it was normal for him to help sort out her problems and comfort her when she was unhappy. In the past, the Third Imperial Princess enjoyed this kind of gentle and thoughtful service.

But today was evidently different. The Third Imperial Princess didn’t seem to be in a bad mood and she looked the same as usual, but she was much colder to him.


Even her answer was so simple.

The young man bit his lips and pondered over this carefully before comforting in a low voice, “Your Highness, you needn’t worry. Young Lord Mixin is just a little high-minded, but sooner or later, he will understand Your Highness’ good traits.”

Yu Chu raised an eyebrow.

Ye Mixin, the son of the Prime Minister.

He was the so-called beautiful young man that cheated the original host of her feelings.

His noble household had raised him into a young lad with excellent bearing and handsome features. His physique was also slender and attractive.

Many women in the Capital secretly coveted him, but because of their noble status, they couldn’t just grab him on the streets and fool around with him. Moreover, he was a proud and arrogant person, so no one had managed to succeed in pursuing him yet.

The Third Imperial Princess was also one of those coveters. 

Although she didn’t dare to force Ye Mixin to marry her, she relied on her status to shamelessly pursue him. As for the results, it was as one could imagine…

After all, she was an infamous love-struck fool and good-for-nothing in the Capital, so a proud and arrogant nobleman like Ye Mixin naturally disliked her a lot.

The person Ye Mixin liked was the talented and good-looking Eldest Imperial Princess, and not someone like the Third Imperial Princess.

Not only was she an idler, but she was also a nymphomaniac.

Ye Mixin had completely ignored her at first, but for the sake of the Eldest Imperial Princess’ grand plan, he later endured humiliation and compromised, occasionally giving her some attention.

He had never said anything about liking her, but the poor Third Imperial Princess was already satisfied as long as he didn’t ignore her. 

She might have been fickle and loved all kinds of beauties in the past, but after meeting Ye Mixin, she had truly fallen in love with him.

She later understood that Ye Mixin didn’t like her and had already decided to give up, but Ye Mixin had agreed to the Eldest Imperial Princess’ request then and started giving her some attention and treating her well occasionally, which rekindled her hope. In the end, he’d misused her affection to successfully end her life.

He even told her that whenever he had faked a smile to please her, those moments were his greatest humiliation.

Thus, the Third Imperial Princess wasn’t resigned to her fate and hated the couple to the core.

She’d never hurt anyone, yet they were cruel enough to trample on her life and dignity.

Therefore, she wanted vengeance.

Yona’s Corner:

Update 22/04: I did not manage to translate today, so I will publish two chaps tomorrow instead.

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