100WTGTMG Arc 5

Chapter 183: The Monarch’s No. 1 Beauty (4)

Now, Yu Chu was the one occupying this body, and she didn’t like Ye Mixin. Not to mention that the original host’s wish was to get back at Ye Mixin.

Therefore, when she heard the attendant’s words of comfort, she smirked and languidly said, “He isn’t aware of this princess’ good traits, huh? Well, this princess is also too lazy to show him anything.”

As she stared at her beautiful face in the mirror, the corner of her lips curled upwards into a faintly discernible smile.

The hosts’ wishes in the first few realms were too smooth and easy. This realm’s unfulfilled wish was more to her liking.

The attendant, however, instantly froze upon hearing her words.

What did I just hear?

The Third Imperial Princess, who always stuck to Young Lord Mixin like glue, actually said that she was too lazy to show him her good traits?

The attendant’s expression was extremely odd.

The words of praise he’d involuntarily blurted out and the words of comfort from earlier were just said to please her. Truthfully speaking, from what he knew, the Third Imperial Princess didn’t seem to possess any good traits…

To think that Her Highness actually said that she was too lazy to show Young Lord Mixin her good traits… She was just praising herself, yet said it in such a righteous manner.


In the mirror, a young girl’s unparalleled face was reflected, and her features were gorgeous to the point of perfection. As he watched her lazily play with the gold hairpin, her small movements tickled his heart and he felt a desire to please her.

The attendant was startled by his own thoughts, and his face grew redder by the second. He bit his lips and continued to slowly comb her hair.

Her Highness has probably gotten provoked again.

The thought of the Third Imperial Princess genuinely giving up on Ye Mixin didn’t even cross his mind. Ye Mixin’s good looks and status were unparalleled in this world, and the fact of the Third Imperial Princess stalking him was known all over the Capital. Thus, who would believe it if they were told that she would give up on him? No one.

However, while pondering about it, the attendant felt a subtle joy bubble up in his heart. It is naturally a good thing if the Third Imperial Princess has really given up on Young Lord Mixin.

Young Lord Mixin has a noble status, so if he marries into Her Highness’ residence, he will definitely be a very strict husband. When the time comes, the male concubines would still be okay, but the first thing he’d probably do is to get rid of the attendants with slightly better looks.

This wasn’t a good thing.

After he thought about it, he softly said, “Your Highness is right. Your Highness deserves a better man.”

Yu Chu didn’t deny his words. She merely raised an eyebrow and stared at the mirror with a pensive look. 

The attendant then asked, “Is Your Highness going out?”

“Mhmm,” Yu Chu nodded. “I’m going to the palace to pay Mother a visit. You go and get ready.”

“Yes,” the attendant hastily answered.

The carriage of their residence was already luxurious enough, but the original host was a prodigal person, so the decoration was even more exaggerated. In all of the Capital, everyone would be able to recognize this carriage.

The carriage driver was a woman. Yu Chu lifted the curtain and walked into the carriage. The attendant who was waiting upon her also followed her in, respectfully kneeling close by, pouring her tea and water.

Yu Chu initially wanted to kick him out, but then she thought: This is a dynasty where females dominated the society, and it’s as normal for an imperial princess to have a male attendant by her side as it is for a king to have a maid by his side. Thus, if I drove him away, it would seem out of place.

In any case, having one more person here won’t hurt anyway. This attendant was a very keen person, so he wouldn’t bother her.

When Yu Chu entered the palace, she met the Empress in her bed-chamber and was affectionately consoled again.

The Empress was truly fond of her youngest daughter. She knew that her daughter liked beautiful men, and helped her take note of them.

Seeing her daughter coming over at this moment, the Empress called out a few and lovingly motioned Yu Chu to choose whomever she wanted.

Yu Chu felt as if her head was about to explode. As she sized the group of beautiful men up, she heard the Empress say in a serious tone, “Daughter, you are already eighteen this year…”

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Hi all, was too busy today so the fifth chapter of the week will be posted tomorrow instead.

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9 months ago

Thank you for the chapters! The attendant is a little pitiful hmm, the male god will probably remove him later on

9 months ago

As if he can compare to our lord god’s beauty!

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