100WTGTMG Arc 5

Chapter 184: The Monarch’s No. 1 Beauty (5)

The moment those words fell, Yu Chu was instantly on her guard.

Could it be that the Empress was already looking for a husband for her eighteen-year-old daughter?

However, the Empress’s next words were unexpected and almost made Yu Chu spit out the tea she had just drunk, “Your eldest sister had already taken a concubine when she was sixteen, unlike you, who delayed this until now. Mother knows that you have high standards. Don’t worry, these men are extremely skilled in bed-chamber affairs. Their appearances and physique are also first class, they can certainly satisfy you.”

Yu Chu: “…”

She knew that in a female-dominated country, men were born to please and cling to women, but suddenly hearing such bold and spicy words… She momentarily froze. Then she expressionlessly shook her head to decline, “Mother…”

She paused for a moment.

“I already have someone I like.”

She thought that it was a good excuse, but the Empress gave her a strange look. 

“Mother knows that you have your heart set on Prime Minister Ye’s son, but what does marrying a husband have to do with taking in a concubine?”

Yu Chu choked.

Indeed, in a female-dominated society, men had a low status and their existence was there to please women. Even if Ye Mixin had a noble status, he would still need to please his wife after marrying into the household. He didn’t have the luxury to care about how many men his wife had in the past.

It could be said that in this realm, love and sex were completely different things. No one would ask a woman to be devoted to one person.

No matter how much a couple loved one another, the man would not expect the woman to have only them as their partner for the rest of their lives.

In fact, no one had even thought about this possibility.

The Empress saw Yu Chu’s complicated expression and thought that she was still distressed about Ye Mixin’s matter, so she wasn’t interested in taking in a concubine. The Empress helplessly heaved a sigh and said, “Nevermind. Seeing that you’re not in the mood to discuss this matter, Mother won’t urge you any longer. However, it’s about time you consider having your own offspring. Your eldest sister already has two daughters.”

The corner of Yu Chu’s mouth twitched as she replied, “Mhmm…”

“Alright,” the Empress patted Yu Chu’s hand and continued with a frown, “As for the matter concerning you and Mixin, there is nothing Mother can do about it. He is, after all, the prime minister’s most beloved son. It is not convenient for Mother to intervene in his marriage. You…”

She was about to say ‘you should try harder’, but suddenly remembered what kind of person her daughter was, and what image she had in the eyes of the netizens in the Capital.

As such, the Empress swallowed the words of encouragement back and helplessly sighed. Then, she tactfully persuaded, “Actually, you don’t need to set your heart on one person so soon, there are a plethora of great gentlemen in the Capital for you to choose from…”

Ye Mixin’s identity was extraordinary, and his conditions were also great. With how high-minded and arrogant he was, he would certainly not look at her youngest daughter. Based on his status and standards, she dreaded that only someone like her eldest daughter would be his cup of tea.

The Empress couldn’t help but sigh again.

Yu Chu looked at her and nodded, revealing a bright smile. “I know, Mother. Don’t worry.”

The Empress was stunned by her response.

In the past, her youngest daughter would have certainly not given an inch to matters concerning Ye Mixin. However, she’d actually softened her attitude today. No matter if it was genuine or not, it still made her happy.

“Great, good to know that,” the Empress laughed before adding, “If you see a gentleman you like, you can tell Mother.”

“Mhmm.” Yu Chu obediently answered.

After spending the day at the palace, it was already dark by the time she came out. When Yu Chu got into the carriage, the coachwoman outside respectfully asked, “Your Highness, to the usual place?”

Yu Chu didn’t notice anything strange when the coachwoman said ‘the usual place’. The original host seemed to be very used to this, so no scene from her memory deliberately flashed out to remind her.

Yu Chu casually responded, “Mhmm.”

Thus, when she arrived at the place, she lifted the curtains and saw a resplendent view outside. She instantly froze.


It’s actually a brothel.

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