100WTGTMG Arc 5

Chapter 185: The Monarch’s No. 1 Beauty (6)


Alright, with the original host’s debauched and beauty-loving personality, this so-called usual place was naturally the brothel.

Yu Chu, who forgot about this, held her forehead helplessly.

The female-dominated country’s brothel was obviously filled with handsome men, also known as ‘courtesans’. A courtesan was equivalent to a prostitute, although young and beautiful, their status was extremely low.

Unless they could upgrade their status to ‘top courtesan’ and be sought after.

When Yu Chu thought up to this point, she suddenly remembered one more thing.

Ballad Tree Pavilion’s top courtesan, Ci Jing, was also known as the world’s no. 1 beauty. It was told that his beauty was otherworldly, and his temperament superb. The moment he’d made an appearance two years ago, his popularity instantly soared but he was only willing to make an appearance once every two months.

Moreover, he hadn’t received a single guest thus far.

After experiencing four realms, Yu Chu already had a general understanding of Feng Qing’s image. That guy was the epitome of perfection himself, so even if he transmigrated to a realm, his image would still be the same, flawless.

In this case, she had already identified him.

After all, in these lower realms, it was impossible to find someone more good-looking than Feng Qing.

She stroked her chin.

Top courtesan…?

Just thinking about it is exciting!

Ci Jing had only shown his real face once during his first appearance. After that, he’d always worn a veil.

The original host had only seen him once or twice. Although she didn’t know what he looked like exactly, she still drooled over him in secret.

It was just that this top courtesan seemingly had someone backing him behind the scenes. Thus, whenever the original host wanted to approach Ci Jing, she’d coaxed to a stop by the people from the brothel.

Someone behind the scenes…?

Yu Chu slightly frowned, her steps slowing down as she glanced at the attendant behind her. 

“You can stay here. No need to follow me.”

The attendant was astounded.

The colorful lights of lanterns were reflected off Yu Chu’s beautiful face. Coupled with her languid gaze, her current appearance could truly hook someone’s soul away.

The attendant subconsciously answered with a ‘yes’, and by the time he recovered his senses, Yu Chu had already stepped into the brothel.

Ballad Tree Pavilion was the largest brothel in the Capital, and the quality of courtesans here was notoriously top-notch. Its atmosphere was also impressive and refined. She could smell a faint incense the moment she stepped inside. Soon after, a steady middle-aged man strode forward and bobbed respectfully in greeting. 

“Your Highness, you’re here. Please come this way.”

Yu Chu shot a glance at him.

This middle-aged man was decent-looking. Though not very good-looking, his behavior carried a sense of stability, and his expression was earnest. Yu Chu suddenly wanted to laugh.


He’s the procurer…

She looked away and lazily let out an ‘mhmm’.

The middle-aged man then turned back and gestured towards the young lads standing on either side. “Why are you guys still standing there? Aren’t you coming to receive Her Highness?”

The young lads with handsome features instantly smiled and stepped forward, ready to receive Yu Chu.

Yu Chu felt her head exploding. “Stop, stop, stop.”

Not far from her, the young lads and the middle-aged man abruptly halted their steps and stared at her blankly.

Yu Chu frowned and impatiently waved her hand. “This princess is in a foul mood today, so I don’t want anyone to serve me. Please prepare a single room for me, I want some time alone.”

The middle-aged man didn’t dare to ask more questions, he quickly bowed and smiled. “As you wish, Your Highness. This servant will immediately prepare a single room on the second floor for you. Please enjoy the music and dance later.”

“Go ahead.” Yu Chu practiced what she preached and exemplified what it meant to be a ‘dandy’.

As she sat down in the single room, Yu Chu dismissed the courtesan who was about to pour her wine. Then, she unexpectedly saw another woman walk into the hall on the first floor.

The middle-aged man’s attitude was evidently much more respectful towards her as he greeted her, his waist bent to almost ninety degrees. He was bobbing and nodding as he invited her in.

It’s Eldest Sister, huh? 

Yu Chu raised an eyebrow.

The Eldest Imperial Empress had always been serious and proper. Although it was normal for women to visit the brothel, she rarely came.

Why did she come today?

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