100WTGTMG Arc 5

Chapter 186: The Monarch’s No. 1 Beauty (7)

Yu Chu suddenly had an ominous speculation.

Today was the day that Ci Jing would make an appearance, and the Eldest Imperial Princess had made an exception to come to the Ballad Tree Pavilion… Could it be that the so-called big shot behind Ci Jing was the Eldest Imperial Princess?

If so, then it all made sense now. Although the original host was a good-for-nothing, she was still an imperial princess. Since the person behind Ci Jing had the courage to stop her, then that person’s identity was definitely not simple. After considering all these factors, the only person with that power was the Eldest Imperial Princess.

Yu Chu frowned.

This realm was a bit of a special case. Thus, if Feng Qing was truly the top courtesan, then it could be that he was already under someone else’s control.

But if he had a relationship with another woman…

That shouldn’t be the case. He was, after all, the Lord God. Even if he was transmigrated to a lower realm, he would still be protected by his divine aura. In terms of being in a relationship, probably no one could ever force him to commit…

This thought finally set her mind at ease.

The private room on the second floor was set up for watching dances and listening to music, allowing guests to have a panoramic view of the performances on the stage one floor below. Though there were screens placed between private spaces to grant guests some privacy, they weren’t soundproof.

Thus, Yu Chu heard the woman next door excitedly say, “I’ve been waiting for Ci Jing for two months already.”

“I wonder who will be his guest of honor? That would be a real blessing.”

“Didn’t they say he has a big shot behind him?”

“The top courtesan has the freedom to decide whether he wants to receive guests. If he himself is willing, then there is a chance of spending the night together…”

“I’m afraid we don’t have that kind of luck. The young gentleman wouldn’t even consider us…”

Then came a few sighs of extreme regret.

Yu Chu glanced at the plate of melons and fruits on the table. She casually took a slice of melon and decided to be an onlooker for the time being. 

After a few wonderful performances, the middle-aged man finally walked up on stage with a smile on his face. Under the women’s eager gazes and anticipation, he finally announced, “After two months of waiting, it’s finally time. Let’s welcome Ci Jing!”

Just now, the atmosphere was still a bit indolent, but once those words fell, Yu Chu instantly saw the women in the other room sit up straight, giving the stage their full attention.

The entire Ballad Tree Pavilion instantly resounded with a burst of excited whispers before quieting down again.

Many of these women were people of influential backgrounds, but here they were, waiting patiently and quietly.

Behind a screen, other men started playing flutes. Following the pleasant melody and the silent crowd, a figure appeared behind the screen.

That person was slender with his long hair loosely pulled at the side. Though separated by the screen, the crowd could still make out a magnificent figure. From the gaps, they could vaguely see a snow-white wrist that contrasted against the raven-colored hair. It was an extremely enticing sight.

Yu Chu’s heart skipped a beat. Now, she was certain that he was Feng Qing. After she heard the confirmation notification from the system, she breathed a sigh of relief, feeling somewhat helpless.


Although only his silhouette could be seen through the screen, it was beautiful to the point that it stole one’s breath away. She didn’t dare to imagine how striking his features were. As expected…

It was not for nothing that he was crowned the top one courtesan. 

The person behind the screen didn’t speak and only placed his hand on the zither. As if testing the tone, he gently plucked one of the strings, and a light, melodious sound reverberated throughout the quiet surroundings. This sound was pleasant to the ear, but it made one feel as if they were lightly scratched by a cat’s soft paw. It involuntarily tickled one’s heart. 

The moment he finished playing one song, he got up and retreated. As they stared at the empty stage, the groups of women slowly came back to their senses. Then, one of them gritted their teeth and said to the middle-aged man, “Ci Jing left just like that? We only get to see him once a month. He should at least come out to meet his guests!”

“That’s right!” The women echoed one after another.

Just now, their souls were hooked by his appearance and the melody. Now that he had left, everyone involuntarily felt discontented.

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Thank you for the chapter! This is the first time I’m reading about a ML who is a courtesan

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What happened to the update schedule?

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