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Chapter 89: The Online Game God Is Very Pure (65) End

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[Second Story]

[Everyday Life – Side Story]

“Will God Su really come today?”

“Yeah! There’s news that he’s definitely coming today.”

“That’s strange. How come God Su is visiting today? The school has invited him before, but I heard that he didn’t accept any of those invitations.”

“Haven’t you heard of how God Su spoils his wife to the skies? I bet the school spoke to Senior Tang Chu this time!”

The female student’s expression revealed a trace of helplessness. “I’m naturally aware of that. The fact that God Su pampers his wife has already become a legend…”

Whenever Madam Su attended school, Great God Su would accompany her to the lectures. They would take notes together in class and even eat lunch together. After they got married, they took their PDAs to another level, torturing all the single dogs[1]The term ‘single dog’ is internet slang describing someone who’s neither married nor in a relationship. to no end…

Those poor single dogs didn’t even have the energy to feel envious.

It was said that Great God Su was the one who pursued Madam Su. It was also rumored that Great God Su can cook and that his cooking skills were excellent…

There were many legends about Great God Su, and each of them had many versions. However, no matter which legend or version, the records about Great God Su spoiling his wife and the degree of his pampering had never been exaggerated.


After a black car parked behind the auditorium building, a slender, fair hand pushed the door open. Su Yanbai pushed his sunglasses up his nose and walked to the other side of the car.

When the female students passing by saw him, they couldn’t help but cover their mouths in excitement.

Some of them had already lifted their cell phones to start taking pictures.

The youngster from a few years ago had matured a lot. Although he was now in his twenties, his bearing and demeanor still carried the same cold aura.

He was wearing a black shirt with exquisite cufflinks. Half of his beautifully shaped collarbone was exposed from the collar, his long eyelashes faintly discernible underneath the sunglasses.

With his eyes slightly lowered, he opened the car door and led another person out. Only then did his cold expression soften a bit.

The female students watched this scene with envy.

Everyone knew for a fact that that lady was Madam Su.

Su Yanbai took off his sunglasses and hung them casually on his collar, revealing his beautiful face. All the nearby female students instantly gazed at him like hungry wolves, but he calmly took the parasol from his wife’s hand and opened it to shield the latter from the sun.

“Watch your steps.” He placed a hand on the doorframe to protect her head, his snow-white skin dazzling amidst the sunlight.

The female students couldn’t take it anymore and started screaming.

“OMG, OMG! Could it be that Senior is pregnant? God Su is so loving and considerate, dayum!”

“To be honest, he has always been like this…”

“No, she’s certainly not pregnant. You didn’t know? Back then, when God Su won the award for the IT competition, he was interviewed, and the reporter had asked him about this matter. However, God Su simply replied that he didn’t want any children…”

“Really? Which interview? I need to watch it when I get back! I bet I will lick my screen[2]The term ‘lick the screen’ is internet slang meaning: to drool over the online photos or videos of handsome people or delicious food.. Kyaaa, he’s really too handsome…”

Then, another girl whispered, “I want to know what he’s like in bed…”

The surrounding female students instantly fell silent, each staring at the girl who spoke with an unbelievable expression.

A while later, they looked at each other in dismay and started whispering amongst themselves again.

“Fudge, me too…”

“Me three…”

However, the two people in question weren’t aware of the female students gossiping about them at all. Yu Chu sat in the front row, watching Su Yanbai calmly give his speech on stage. When it ended, the two of them left together, followed by the student’s envious gazes.

They look extremely blissful.

Everyone thought while staring at the departing figures.


As for Yu Chu, she only felt that her hubby’s cooking skills improved day by day…

She contentedly nestled on the sofa as she watched Su Yanbai bring the empty plates to the kitchen. When he was done, he walked over and pulled her into his arms, faintly asking, “Are you full?”


Su Yanbai momentarily paused.

Then, his delicate lips lightly grazed her forehead. His calm voice turned slightly hoarse as he said, “…I’m not full.”

His soft breath fell on Yu Chu’s nape while a long and slender hand skillfully slipped into her clothes and explored. He slightly pursed his lips, and while holding one side’s softness in his hand, he turned over and pressed her down.

Yu Chu’s eyes widened. “You, you wanna do it here?”

“It doesn’t matter. We are home anyways.”

He didn’t seem to mind at all as his slender fingers gently unbuckled her bra. He bit his lips while his fair cheeks flushed red.

In the end…

Yu Chu could only moan and hum while clinging to Su Yanbai’s neck, staring at his exquisite face flushed with passion.

Su Yanbai gazed at her intently and hoarsely called out, “Chuchu…”


“I feel so blessed.”

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1 The term ‘single dog’ is internet slang describing someone who’s neither married nor in a relationship.
2 The term ‘lick the screen’ is internet slang meaning: to drool over the online photos or videos of handsome people or delicious food.
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