100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 91: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (2)

The streets of New Miria Town were empty.

Every dwelling had its door closed, and no one was walking on the roads.

As the wind rustled through the deserted area, it brought about a grim and desolate atmosphere.

Although it was only Autumn now, waves of chilliness permeated the surroundings.

The fishy smell of blood was faintly discernable in the air, followed by the pungent smell of gunpowder.

In a small abandoned ramshackle house, three people were huddled inside a room.

A man and a woman snuggled together while the other sat alone in a corner. The two nestled together were obviously a couple.

The man was quite handsome, and the young lady had a delicate, pretty face and black-colored hair.

The one shrunken in the corner was another teenage girl, who had her eyes closed. She was a beauty with fair skin and long fluffy jet-black hair.

Her lips were dry and rough from dehydration, her cheeks slightly sunken, and there were dark circles under her eyes. One could see at a glance that she had gone many days without eating her fill and resting properly.

The silence was finally broken when the young girl, who was cuddling together with the man, fiercely yelled, “Lazy thing, get up! Go out and find us food!”

The girl in the corner then slowly raised her eyes.

Yu Chu felt somewhat speechless.

This realm was a fictional universe.

The original host’s name was Ai Chu. She was a princess of a small country located in the far east.

Her country depended on the most powerful empire on the continent. It paid tribute to the empire in the form of goods every year. The king was also very eager to marry the princess off in a political marriage to solidify the two countries’ relationship.

However, the bigwigs of the empire were not interested in marrying the princess of a weak country. Only when the emperor had seen enough of the Western beauties in his palace was he carried away by a whim. He suddenly desired to appreciate an Asian woman for a change. Thus, he finally agreed to the political marriage.

Ai Chu’s parents were pleasantly surprised by this and told Ai Chu the good news. They were sincerely happy for their country.

Ai Chu, however, didn’t feel happy at all, for she already had a sweetheart. 

The person she liked was a poor painter.

And, this was where the tragedy started.

Ai Chu decided to elope with her sweetheart for the sake of love, taking only her most trusted maid, Yin Sha, with her.

But, on the way, her delicate princess temperament made the other two loathe her tremendously.

A few months later, the maid and the painter actually got together and started to treat the princess as a maid instead.

The corner of Yu Chu’s mouth twitched as she recalled this part of the memory.

They were in hiding throughout their journey and just stepped into the territory of the warzone within the empire’s borders. As the fire of war spread, they spent every day in fear. Even eating and sleeping became issues.

The original host’s wish was to exact revenge on that pair of lovers. Furthermore, she didn’t want to act foolish again and abandon her country for a scumbag like this.

She hoped that she could fulfill her duty as a princess and proceed with the political marriage.

Yu Chu pondered over this discreetly.

Revenge was naturally not a problem, but now that she was the one in the host’s body, how could she obediently accept the political marriage?

Unless—the person she was marrying was Feng Qing.

Generally, the entrustor’s body was selected based on the degree it matched with her soul. It also seemed that the entrustors were associated with the Lord God in one way or another.

That was to say that there was a distinct possibility that the original host’s fiancé, the emperor, was the Lord God.

Yu Chu decided to wait and see. Then, she would act according to the circumstances.

Yu Chu, who had just transmigrated here, was already hungry to the point of having no energy. Thus, when she heard Yin Sha shouting at her, she glared at the latter and bluntly said, “I won’t go. If you want to eat, go find food yourself.”

How sad and frustrating! I don’t have any strength to beat them now…

The pair of lovers was momentarily stunned by Yu Chu’s words. Their eyes widened in shock, and they stared at her with an incredulous look.

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