100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 92: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (3)

Ai Chu had a soft personality. Even though she was a princess, she didn’t dare to resist and only silently bore everything when her maid and the painter bossed her around during this period of time.

Outside, the war continued for days on end. Seeing how dangerous it was out there, they didn’t want to take the risk and told the princess to go instead. 

Ai Chu had to go out and find food every day with fear and trepidation.

The pair of lovers were already used to ordering Ai Chu about.

And, Ai Chu naturally didn’t dare to resist because she had nowhere else to turn.

The fact that she’d fled from the political marriage made the empire’s monarch very angry. Not to mention disregarding her past actions and marrying her after all this, it was already great if he didn’t send someone to arrest her. Even if she returned to her own country, she wouldn’t be able to escape the fate of being executed.

As for the painter, his feelings towards Ai Chu were never genuine to begin with. It was just that the other party was a princess, so having someone of her status love him wholeheartedly truly satisfied his vanity.

After eloping in a moment of rashness, he finally came to terms with the reality and realized how hard it was to survive at present.

As the sinner who’d abducted the princess, he no longer had a way out. Even keeping his life was a question.

He couldn’t help but blame Ai Chu for seducing him into eloping with her and ending up in this situation.

The maid, Yin Sha, was on the same wavelength with him on this matter.

The journey was long and endless, so she couldn’t bear the loneliness in her heart and hooked up with the painter. She simultaneously took pleasure in bossing Ai Chu around.

Only when she saw the princess work like an ox for her did she feel slightly better.

Yin Sha thought that, in any case, it was Ai Chu’s fault that she’d ended up in this situation where she couldn’t even eat her fill. Who asked Ai Chu to take her along back then?

In short, those two were people without moral principles.


Yu Chu already figured out this time’s mission. There was no need to reason with these targets. She could confront them directly.

Unfortunately, she was still frail at this moment. She might have the strength to handle Yin Sha, but that painter, Luo Lang, was a man, so she couldn’t confront him head-on in this state.

Yu Chu heaved a sigh.

Since the pair of lovers had never seen Ai Chu disobey them before, they stared blankly for a long while before finally coming back to their senses. Yin Sha’s eyes widened in shock.

“You…what did you say?”

Luo Lang also observed Yu Chu with a surprised look. 

The weak Yu Chu, who was crouching under the window, looked up and glanced outside. She then frowned and said in a low voice, “You, shut up…”

Her faint voice trailed off in the slightly cool autumn breeze.

The streets of New Miria Town were lined with fallen leaves. Some houses still had plates that were decorated with European-style embellishments hanging in front of their doors. There were also potted plants on the windowsills, but most of them were already lifeless.

This town was deserted due to the war.

Yu Chu knew from the original host’s memory that this country was crushed as the aftermath of angering the empire.

The imperial knights’ cavalry units stormed this area, took in all the land they passed through, and pocketed all the valuables.

The town’s inhabitants had long since fled. Occasionally, one could see a domestic cat that was left behind by its owner scurry alone through the empty, spacious streets.

Through the half-open window, Yu Chu saw from afar several knights on horseback riding towards them.

The knights decked out with armor had swords hanging at their waists that were glowing with a cold light, faintly stained with traces of blood.

It was the empire’s army.

Yu Chu weakly warned Yin Sha and asked her to shut up. 

But, in the next second, that brainless woman unexpectedly shrieked, “Wh-what?! Did you tell just me to shut up? Did you really think that you’re still the same lofty princess from back then? If I hadn’t been willing to take you along with us, you would have long starved to death! How dare you order me to shut up?!”

Yu Chu’s face was expressionless as she watched the knights turn their heads in their direction before urging their horses towards them.

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