100WTGTMG Arc 3

Chapter 93: The Western Nobleman and the Unfortunate Princess (4)

With a bang, the door was kicked open.

Then, several tall imperial knights walked into the house with their fingers gripping the sword hilts at their waists, their eyes stern and murderous.

Yin Sha and Luo Lang were both scared silly.

The overbearing and aggressive Yin Sha from a moment ago finally realized the severity of the situation. She trembled and shrank into Luo Lang’s arms with an alarmed look.

Yu Chu remained seated in her little corner and didn’t speak.

The knight commander narrowed his eyes and sized them up before asking, “Who are you three?”

The two young girls had black-colored hair and skin that appeared to have been sprinkled with gold dust. They were, without a doubt, people from the East and weren’t residents of this town.

Yin Sha was shaking uncontrollably while Luo Lang was pale with fright and unable to speak, so Yu Chu answered in a low voice, “Sir, we are from the East. We’ve heard that the empire is a prosperous place, so we are about to go there to settle down. We passed through here on our way and just so happened to run into you sirs…”

She gave a quick-witted response, so when the several knights looked at the three’s travel-worn appearance, they believed her words to a certain extent.

The knight commander waved his hand and indifferently said, “In that case, let’s put them in the POW camp[1]A prisoner-of-war camp, a.k.a. POW camp, is a site where soldiers who have been captured by their enemy during a war are kept as prisoners until the end of the war. for now and verify their identities before releasing them.”

“Understood, Commander.” The other knights answered in unison and came forward to pick the three of them up, ready to take them away.

Yin Sha was forced to get up from Luo Lang’s arms.

As she left her lover’s embrace, she couldn’t help but feel a little frightened and struggled a bit. “Didn’t we clarify the matter already? We’re not people from this country, so why are you arresting us?”

Yu Chu obediently followed the knight’s movement and got up while casting a cold glance at Yin Sha.

The other party’s caution was proof that the army was of a very high caliber. Besides, even if the other party were to arrest them without rhyme or reason, they were powerless to resist.

This woman, seriously… can’t she use her brain a little?

She looked away, and sure enough, she heard the knight, who was supporting Yin Sha up, impatiently click his tongue.

As a knight, he naturally had a lot of strength. It seemed that he’d impatiently dragged Yin Sha away. The latter immediately started to sob silently and didn’t dare to speak again.

Luo Lang wasn’t treated as gently as the ladies. The knights didn’t even bother to help him up. One of them directly kicked him on the back and urged him to walk faster.

After several months of running around, the former cultured painter had already become somewhat thin and pallid. That kick made him appear all the more miserable.

However, he didn’t dare to be resentful, so he had no choice but to quicken his pace in a dejected manner.

When they were brought back, they were immediately locked up in the POW camp.

The men and women were locked up in separate barracks. Yin Sha watched tearfully as Luo Lang was taken away— not out of love, but because the POW cells were seriously too eerie. Since she no longer had someone to rely on, she couldn’t help but feel apprehensive.

She cried brokenheartedly, but Yu Chu merely ignored her and sat down on her own in a corner.

There were other women in the cell, and amongst them, a few underage girls.

At first, the others revealed a slight look of surprise when they saw Yu Chu and Yin Sha’s hair color. But as soon as they recovered, their expressions turned numb once again, and they turned a deaf ear to the newcomer’s cries.

It seemed that they were already used to it.

Being taken as a prisoner of war meant that they were the lowest-ranked group of people in the army. Crying and screaming would only attract punishment, so they might as well behave themselves.

Once the newcomers understood this fact, they would no longer waste their energy weeping.

Yu Chu hugged her knees and buried her face into her arms. She couldn’t help but let out a yawn.

The fear of being caught had kept her on tenterhooks before. Now that she was finally arrested, she felt a lot calmer. It seemed that she could finally get a good night’s sleep.

Yona’s Corner:
That’s it for this week~ As I have mentioned in yesterday’s announcement, Euphoria Airlines will be publishing chap 94-97 in the course of next week on Foxaholic. I will link their chapters to 100WTGTMG’s TOC when the time comes. This means that I will continue with c98 from Mon, 15 March, onwards and my release schedule will be back to normal again.

See you again in two weeks!

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1 A prisoner-of-war camp, a.k.a. POW camp, is a site where soldiers who have been captured by their enemy during a war are kept as prisoners until the end of the war.
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